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5 Steps to Creating Irrestible Offers Through Copywriting

Image by Stefson via Flickr

On a recent webinar, John S Rhodes focused on the methods he uses in creating an offer.  An offer is a combination of product/services with sales/marketing materials that allows you to deliver massive value to individuals.  One of the secret advantages to those unfamiliar with copywriting, is that they have an advantage to start.

In fact, it’s really not about being smart and creative or about your experience and using technology.  The secret to what John actually does is actually at the opposite pole with an emphasis on design (templates, swipes), focus (offer, headline, subheads), and people (having empathy and using Avatar…or ideal customer).  But the foundation must begin with your product.  The following are suggested questions (a template) that John often uses:

  • Who is your ideal customer (people)?
  • What is your offer (focus)?
  • What proof do you have (design)?
  • What are the key emotional words (design)?
  • What are the 3 main benefits (design)?

For those without a new product, upgrading an existing product may be the best option.  Licensing products would be an additional option for those without a product.  But for most, the best option is using a PLR marketplace, e.g., Tradebit.

When purchasing PLR, the most important factors are quantity and quality.  This allows you to select the best content and eliminate less relevant parts to your task of creating an offer.  What are the steps in the process?

  1. Select a product from your PLR marketplace.  By searching for exact titles, you can often find lower pricing.
  2. Highlight parts of the PLR product that stand out to you and from these “notes,” create a video, using Jing.com (or other video service).
  3. Create (or outsource) a Mindmap using xMind.net or other (often free) Mindmap software.
  4. Headline creation involves two steps, first reviewing the 5 questions in your template.  Second develop emotional content (PLR, cheap, instant, Facebook) and benefits (saves time, unrestricted PLR, fresh).  How to  ___________ Get _______ __________ ______ for Less than the price of _______ __________ _________.   Drop in PLR, Fast, Cheap, Targeted:  Iteration: 1)How to quickly get new Facebook plr for less than the price of a hot Starbucks coffee. Iteration:  2)  How to instantly get fresh Facebook PLR for less than the price of a hot Starbuck’s coffee.
  5. To create proof, shoot a YouTube video of your download page, e.g., everything they expect is there, including bonuses.  This overcomes the quantity objection.  In order to overcome the quality objection, you can open up part of the product and “tease” the prospect with some of your content.  “Now, I’m not supposed to do this, but here is a sneak preview of the product.”

John offers a 7 week “course” in creating offers, Juggernaut Copywriting for a limited time at http://jsrhelp.com/mike.  His course includes how to write a full sales page, create an offer, develop a new WSO, create proof, quickly add people to your list, set up a sales funnel, and create a webinar script.  For those that prefer a simple turn-key approach with “done for you” sales funnel and proven copy, we recommend My Lead System Pro’s attraction marketing system 2 week $10 trial, especially those in the MLM/network marketing niche.



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