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David Wood’s Article Marketing Strategy – A Firsthand Review

In this article, I will review a recent webinar presented by David Wood.  This webinar was highly unusual, in that David gave away nearly every secret and tool in his kit.  How often have you heard that?  The webinar moderator commented that their was such incredible content that attendees would need to listen to his session 7-10 times to really understand how to duplicate David’s content marketing strategy.

David’s strategy has solved, for him, several of the problems inherent in traditional MLM.  You know the scenario:  make a list, and contact everyone about your business opportunity.  How many of these people are anxiously awaiting your miracle products and amazing residual income streams?  Of course there are the grinders, who make this work.  David was one of them, and very successful in his Amway business, but found that this success didn’t truly generate the free time that he felt it should have.  So he turned to the Internet.

His concepts are simple, yet profound and somewhat difficult to implement.  For any marketer, it is important to abide by principles that will truly drive traffic to your blog, videos, and articles.  Your content must be relevant to topics that are useful to real needs for real people.  Popularity is essential, e.g., the number and quality of sites linking to your content.  Your content must be unique.  Then finally, to achieve “buzz,” you must be consistent in your actions.  You may not need to post to your blog every day,but you can’t let the content become “stale,” either.  Follow these concepts and you’ll soon find yourself on the first page of Google and other search engines.

With that in mind, there are four simple steps to follow.  David suggests doing these every day to add to your content:

  1. Create an original article – there are limitless possibilities for this, but keep in mind that you want to use terms that are “popular” in the search engines, yet not overly popular.  In the webinar, David used an example article he wrote, “Brian Fanale Review,”  which ranks his blog and landing page at the top of Google’s search.
  2. Bookmark your article using OnlyWire.com {free}
  3. Promote through video sharing – this single step will set you well apart from the competition.  David suggests TrafficGeyser.com, which has a 30 day $1 Trial period.  If you can’t afford the $97 monthly fee after doing this 30 days, then drop the subscription.
  4. Use Article Marketing Robot – this allows you to submit your article to hundreds of directories and ezines.  The program tools built-in which allow you to “rewrite” the content slightly for each submission.  This ensures originality of your article and creates search engine “popularity” for Blog.  Note:  David originally suggested using a submission tool that is no longer on the market (we have substituted the above tool, since it is generally viewed as the best on the market, and the one he currently recommends).

This was one of the most intense and enlightening sessions you’ll ever hear.  Can it still be done today?  If so, you’ll need a state of the art methodology and  an attraction marketing system, possibly infused with your own unique “twist.”  Isn’t that the spirit of entrepreneurial motivation?

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    • Eric Meyers 9:47 pm

      I liked your post alot. I just started college and in need of some cash. This company seems very promising. It may be what I am searching for. I need to do some more research now on yahoo. Thanks again for this awesome post. Ill check out the rest of your site

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