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Man From Igloo Strikes Riches In Online Network Marketing

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I’ve been following David Wood now a little over a month because his strategy, which was exposed through MLM Lead System Pro (MLSP) has been an amazing journey for me.   Last evening he was featured on a webinar that he and his mastermind team are now doing Monday evenings.  Both Jim Chou and Kenny Gregg are experienced Internet Marketers and it has been fun to also see their reactions to David’s meteoric rise.

As far as I can tell, everything about David is verifiable online.  His Blog traffic has come out of nowhere in the last several months.  David is still relatively reachable, although I don’t really want to impose on his time I “interviewed” him last week personally.  Last evening’s session was priceless, though since he exposed quite a bit more than he did on the initial session on MLSP.  To hear the live recording, you can read the first article I wrote on David on this blog or listen to the recording.

David exposed details of his amazing story last evening.  How did a literally homeless person from Alaska win the MLSP BMW contest last week?  I guess this will start a new Alaska Gold Rush!  David’s strategy was really quite simple and is still largely based on the concepts of Article Marketing.  David basically did the basics, only in hyper-drive.

A couple facts about his methods and work ethic are in order.  He mentioned last evening that he figured out in the beginning, after encountering several well-known Internet marketers and studying them what he would need to do.  One worth studying is John Chow, and in fact, I am getting his free eBook right now.  David mentioned that as of right now he “only” has about 90 articles online and has been writing about one per day.  He has been working 12-14 hours daily because he had to!  Besides writing, he has been learning online from as many free sources as possible and using the essential tools of the trade which include Traffic Geyser, Automatic Article Submitter, and MLSP.   Traffic Geyser is an affiliate program within MLSP. [Author’s Note:  David now recommends Article Marketing Robot vs. AAS]

Automatic Article Submitter
Automatic Article Submitter

Additional twists in David’s extreme makeover are his creative use of videos to promote his articles, and building backlinks to his articles on MLSP.  Basically his videos are very promotional and simply promote his articles, of course building backlinks and thereby raising the score of his article wherever they happen to be located.  In one example, his Efusion article is on the first page of Google for both his blog and MLSP squeeze page, which amazes even experts like Jim Chou and Kenny Gregg.

I don’t know what the next step is for you, but if this information resonates, I’d like to invite you to take a test drive of a system designed to explode your MLM business just like it did David’s.  Here is the link to get you started.

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