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SEO Google Ranking – It’s All About Great Content

Burt Richa’rd shared his methodology and secrets for creating great online content.  He grew up in a poor family but didn’t want his kids to have this experience.  He spent time moonlighting as a clown while a member of the US Marine Corp.  His entrepreneurial career began at age 12 in grocery.  Burt and BeccaLater, he opened a grocery store in Natchitoches, Louisiana.

Upon starting his Internet career, he discovered that many people, including himself, were “deaf.” Deaf, that is, to the truth of the fact that “Content is King.”

Content is King

When searching in Google, most don’t realize that Google’s relevancy results include their own history.  In Firefox, Start/Private Browsing can be used to ensure that your results are not skewed.  In Internet Explorer, the same can be accomplished under “safety.”

Burt’s methodology involves using video marketing to rank without building any backlinks at all.  His secret is creating great content.  How does he do it?  Here is a quick overview of his methodology:

  • Create content optimized to your website.
  • Using EditPlus, edit content to one sentence per line and save.
  • Open your document in PowerPoint (or Open Office Impress), resulting in one slide per sentence.
  • Create an appropriate slide layout and center all slides using “title slide” format.
    Camtasia Studio
    Image via Wikipedia
  • Record a video using Camtasia or Jing (limited to 5 minutes).

His results include several first page rankings for his own pages as well as those of his clients.  For an example, see search results for “healthcare cfo jobs” using Google.  One of the things about this methodology is that there are really no secrets.  Getting ranked is solely about creating great content.  Burt achieves his results in as little as 72 hours.

To facilitate and better understand the process, Burt offers a detailed instructional course that completely explains and trains in his methodology including step by step mindmap, pdf overview, downloadable mp3 and mp4 audio/videos.  This course appears to get excellent and would be something especially those new to Internet marketing would benefit from and/or to complement our own MyLeadSystemPro attraction marketing system.

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    • Eric Goldman 8:43 pm

      Hi Jim,
      Great article, with great content.

      All the best.

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