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Webinar Legend 2.0 Review – 7 Sessions to Proficient Pitching

Jason Fladlien, who is the all time best selling author for information products related to webinars, is releasing an update to his previous webinar training.  This is an important update and training, due to the rapidly changing Internet marketing landscape.  This training represents the experience of one of the most successful Internet marketers today, who focuses primarily in webinar selling.

In 2008, Jason created his first guide for doing webinars.  But nobody bought the guide, since he was too far ahead of the marketplace’s needs.  In 2010, in his product creation class, he was challenged to create a product on how to do webinars.  He was reluctant, since, no one had bought his prior product.  But he was wrong this time and Webinar Pitch Secrets 1.0 was a big hit.  Now he’s releasing a new product in the form of an eclass, which addresses the needs of an evolving marketplace.

Jason makes a compelling case for the importance of webinar skills for any business.  And it’s not just about selling information products.  These skills apply to a far broader audience.  In Jason’s new 7 session course he will cover the following topics:Webinar Legend Training - Jason Fladlien

  1. New Webinar Pitch Secrets – How to consistently convert at 10% pitching products that sell for $497 or more.
  2. No Product: No List: No Problem – How to be a professional “pitch person.”  The secrets of a million dollar plus salesman.
  3. Pure Affiliate Webinar Pitrching – How to make more money pitching other people’s products as an affiliate.  Build a 6-figure business with no one even attending any of your webinars.  Real time demonstration
  4. The Local Webinar Method – How to get 50 to 100 local business owners on a webinar for free.  How to partner with local consultants to generate leads.
  5. The Backend Webinar Integration Model – How he generated over 6 figures in affiliate commissions in less than 24 days with this method.  How this works automatically.
  6. The True Automated Webinar – How Jason runs webinars through GotoWebinar that are completly automated.  If you have a Mac, this method is free and only a small investment for PC owners.
  7. Advanced Webinar Secrets – How to surpass the 1,000 person limit in GotoWebinar..  How to set up “self expiring” sign-up and webinar replay pages.

In addition, Jason’s Webinar Legends training offers several bonuses including “how to’s” and software that he personally uses and a personal evaluation of a students’ actual webinar.  Although not the least expensive, this training is reasonably priced for its value and is sure to be on the “cutting edge.”  Discounts are available via several marketing affiliates, including Webinar Swaps, who recorded a live webinar overview of Jason’s product pitch.

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