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The Reverse System Review

Recently, Rapid Crush, Inc., released an epic product in the Internet marketing realm, formerly know by its internal name “Operation Clone Jason.”  Their new product is a combination of training and software that simplifies the online product and sales funnel creation process, including traffic generation techniques and methods.  It also applies to selling physical products, affiliate programs, and more.  The overall objective is simplification of the overall sales process and components, as illustrated below:The Sales funnel

The concept is using templates to simplify the overall objective of giving aspiring marketers a viable short-cut.  In general, marketers have three choices in developing their online business:

  • The easy way – simple, easy, but limited results or revenue produced
  • The hard way – massive results possible, but too difficult for most people to actually complete
  • The just hard enough way – Not perfect, but just good enough to be ahead of the average

As an example, in the skill of selling, focusing on the 20% of skills that make the difference is an example of the “just hard enough” way.  What does an “easy” marketing system look like?  Here is an example:Tspring creation

  1. Choose an affiliate product, e.g., tspring
  2. Direct link via Facebook (no need for a website)
  3. Earn commission

But does it work, long term?  Not really, although many still are trying it.  On the flip side, the hard way is too complex for the average person to accomplish, given the need for squeeze pages, traffic funnels, exit pops, timers, sales pages, protected downloads, and more.

In the Reverse System (the just hard enough way), Rapid Crush has developed templates for creating each aspect of the complex sales funnel.  The templates are based on Jason’s advanced knowledge of sales methodologies that are highly successful in the current Internet environment.  In fact, Jason is a student of successful marketing campaigns that predate the current Internet.

An example template for a squeeze page is shown below:squeeze page template

But this is just one aspect of the sales funnel.  The Reverse System includes templates for each addidtional needed component.  What if you could setup a complete email opt-in campaign in minutes vs. posssibly not at all.  What difference would it make in your business?  The Reverse System includes a dashboard interface to create each component of the sales funnel in either HTML or WordPress format.

One of the best parts of Rapid Crush’s Reverse System is the training and insights into Internet Marketing by Jason Fladlien.  As an example, specific types of funnels are needed depending on the traffic source chosen, e.g., Youtube paid campaigns cant use a traditional opt-in or squeeze page.  All of the details are provided in the training which is delivered in video, audio, and written format.  Although Rapid Crush products are not cheap, the complete system is available for under $1,000 at the time of this writing, with an annual subscription thereafter.

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