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Attraction Marketing Blueprint for Social Networks

In this article we discuss the concepts of attraction marketing as they pertain to social networks.  Although the strategy used isn’t the classic attraction marketing approach of making a compelling offer in order to capture email address/build a list, etc., the concepts are similar.   Instead of a free report or training offer, the “bait” is your profile and interaction socially with prospects.  So, to get started, you need to set-up your pages on Facebook, and/or MySpace, etc.  Then determine what strategy you want to use.

There are three types of pages on the social networks:

  • Total commercial for one’s business – This type of page is viewed as a salesperson trying to sell something. This may lead to spam complaints when trying to connect and isn’t recommended.
  • Part personal, part business – People will communicate with reservations, waiting for the page owner to hit them with their sales pitch.  A better approach but still not recommended, unless you are already a 6-figure earner or better.
  • All about you, no business – Magnetically attracts people to you.  This is the recommended approach.

There are three ways to brand yourself:

  • As someone happy and/or wildly successful – This is the best strategy, even if you are at one of the ladder’s bottom rungs at this point, e.g., just getting started.  One way to leverage this method is to post motivational messages on your profile at least a couple times daily.  What quotes and authors have helped you in your life?  Share these things with your network.
  • As an expert – Also a good approach, but requires some expertise and credentials already in place.
  • As a successful network marketing professional – Limits you to only those already in the network marketing  industry.

Once your pages are created and/or adjusted for your particular strategy, then begin connecting with old friends and making new friends.  Use a memory jogger list, similar to those found in any network marketing training course to “remind” yourself of the people you know.  If you’re not familiar with network marketing, you can just use the Yellow Pages categories to remind you of people to add to your network.

If you’re in network marketing, you probably don’t want to listen to the trainers in your company.  That is, especially if they’re advising you to be aggressive in approaching your social media friends with an “elevator” speech.  This is what all the amateurs are doing, and it won’t work.  Rather you need to question them conversationally to determine a need in their life for your products and/or business opportunity.  The rule is never to approach anyone without first determining their need.  If done correctly, your friends will ask you what you do, believing that it was their idea for you to share information with them about your business and/or products.

Further information and social networking strategies were covered  a recent Facebook training course.

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