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Direct Marketing Strategies – Best Sources of Online Leads

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In this article, we provide an overview of the various sources of leads for MLM or any business model using the Internet. To do this we’ll take a look inside one of the leading attraction marketing training systems on the Internet, My Lead System Pro. Within this training system are contained many great suggested marketing methods, lead sources, tips, techniques and tools for the serious online marketer. Here is our overview:

  • Facebook/MySpace/LinkedIn – The largest social media sites are excellent, representing  millions of possible leads for your business.  These sites have many excellent tools for marketing, including profiles of millions of people who are perfect candidates for your business offerings.  The new Advanced Search functionality on Facebook, as well as MySpace’s more extensive search capabilities can quickly locate members of groups, geographic proximity, age, and other demographics to quickly identify prospects most likely to be your prospects.
  • Video Marketing – Videos on YouTube can be one of the quickest ways to develop viral content.  Video marketing not only can be used to publish your informational content to hundreds of highly-ranked sites, but also creates backlinks to your primary website or blog.
  • PayPerClick Marketing – This is a paid strategy using Google, Yahoo, and Bing paid ads.  This strategy requires advanced training and should be entered carefully, since it can quickly get expensive.  It can also be the quickest way to generate business leads.
  • Blogging – This is a core strategy, especially with WordPress.org self hosted blogs which are popular in personal branding for marketing purposes and easy to get quickly ranked using search engine optimization.  This blog is an an example of using blogging strategy and is ranked for many keywords, although it has only been in existence about 8 months currently.
  • ListBuilders – Special paid memberships can both attract a following for your personal list as well as provide an opportunity to send your ads to thousands of other subscribers each week.
  • Ezine/Solo Ads – Ezines, or electronic magazines, offer the ability to include your ad, or devote an entire issue to your offer.  A solo ad can sometimes generate over one thousand leads from a single blast to the list.  The advantage of this method, is that the list is pre-qualified and receptive to your offer, if carefully chosen.
  • Forum Marketing – Many high-profile marketing forums exist on the Internet, such as Mike Dillard‘s Better Networker, the Warrior Forum, freelancemom.com/forum and others.  High quality content can be published in these forums including your signature file.
  • Content/Article Marketing – Hundreds of online directories of articles exist which accept short articles from 300 to 1,000 words.  Most allow the inclusion of two backlinks, e.g., to your blog and funded proposal/squeeze page in exchange for the content you provide.  Submitting duplicate content can be minimized and the submission process automated using tools such as Automatic Article Submitter.

The Internet offers a rich environment for the professional marketer,  including many excellent tools to automate the process.    When getting started, it is recommended starting with one method and perfecting that before moving on to additional methods.  Further information is available in the My Lead System Pro marketing system and training.

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