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How to Make an Extra $2000 in the next 3 Days While Developing a 6-Figure Business

Brittany Lynch, worked in the Google Adwords department, but when the 12 hour days began to limit her “flexibility,” she left Google and developed a system that was able to fulfill her needs.  She has since founded the “Ideal Me” social network, and makes from $100,000 to $500,000 monthly online.  Brittany recently explained her methodology on a “live” Rapid Crush webinar where sheBrittany Lynch Ideal Me:

  • Built the infrastructure for a six figure business
  • Chose a “super” niche for the project
  • Built a landing page in 5 minutes flat
  • Created a highly responsive audience list for targeted ads
  • Demonstrated how to achieve a 20x return on Facebook ad investments

Brittany defines a super niche as one that is so filled to the brim with passionate individuals, that the members buy more frequently and spend much higher amounts than in a “normal” niche.  The members have a high level of passion.

Using Unbounce.com’s drag and drop editor, Brittany quickly built a landing page, using their click-through minimalist template.  This template eliminates several steps, such as split testing.  The weight loss niche page shown below, reportedly earned $15K in the first 30 days.15K in 30 Days Landing Page

English: licence google adwords Français : lic...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Then, using the Google Keyword Planner, Brittany selected some additional related terms and did some basic research to discover additional related pages, e.g., “celebrities” that would be known to the target group.  Then narrowing further, she used the Social Lead Freak tool to select the Facebook IDs for people who have commented on the target page, bought products, and cross reference by age/gender/location.  Can you spell “rabid” fans?

Facebook has a free tool, Power Editor, that can be used to upload the Facebook IDs of the most rabid “fans” in any niche.  And Facebook.com/ads/create, can be used to build an add that will lead to the landing page.  But how can the leads then be turned in to revenue?

A series of 12 emails is then needed to create a return on investment.  But it is important not to “abuse” the list with too many offers.  And unsubscribes can still be monetized by uploading another custom audience to retarget segments of the initial list.  Brittany also offers to be a “tour guide” in helping others reach their goals via her “2K in 3 Days” masterclass.

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