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How has Attraction Marketing Changed the Game? – A New Approach to List Building

All Marketers Are Liars
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On a recent conference call, some of the newest crop of Internet-based network marketers shared their individual breakthrough secrets, as well as a way to capitalize on and follow in their successful methods and strategies.

Today, 4.5 million people per day are looking for a way to make money online.  87% of the population hate their current situation.  People are burned out on the traditional business model, including traditional network marketing.  This is known as the “over-priced ‘crap’ get rich formula, if you just buy my over priced snake oil and get 5 people to get 5 people, you’re going to be rich, formula.”  It shouldn’t surprise anyone that this is no longer working in the industry.

David Wood, in particular, shared his own earnings of $500,000 over the last 8 months with a list size of only 10,000.  Internet marketers, generally experience $1/or less per month per list member.  What is different in the latest results coming from marketers like David Wood and others?

David Wood shared his secret of “the Power Triangle.”  Step 1 is to join a greater team and get noticed enough that the leadership WANTS to promote you.  Step 2 is to create an initial story of profit and success.  Step 3 is to mastermind with other leaders and capitalize on their larger audience.  Step 4 is to turn over the profits to fund the growth of a MUCH bigger, more profitable list.

Brian Edmondson, a leading marketer,  shared an Internet approach, called the Agora Model, used by one of his large clients, a $300 million business.  He shared that the main objective should be building a list first and then later capitalizing on sales to the list members.  Here’s why should you focus on list building:

  • Most people will never find your site
  • If they do, they’ll leave within seconds
  • If they don’t leave within seconds, they won’t buy
  • Once they leave, they’ll never come back

Finally, one of the latest Internet secrets as briefly exposed.  How can Facebook be leveraged in the process?  John Womack, who briefly passed David Wood in marketing prowess shared some of his secrets:

  • Google has now stated that Facebook is the one company that they are nervous about.  The average person spends 19 minutes per day on Facebook.
  • One problem for most marketers is that you cannot market or promote any home business opportunity, but there are easy ways around this problem.

This group of superstars, then provided a way for the average person to take the next step.  In other words, how can the latest and most profitable secrets be leveraged in order for the average person to:

  • create a massive, viral list
  • become part of an elite marketing group
  • join a company with the most powerful sponsors in the industry

Although those that missed the opportunity may feel slightly left behind, what these leaders did accomplish was to raise the bar in the industry.  In network marketing, the best sponsor will only be successful when he has successfully trained those on his team that are “trainable” to achieve their potential.  This group has taken it to a new level by offering an “open kimono” strategy, facing the very real possibility that they will be surpassed by divulging their own secrets of success.

Additional information on attraction marketing, the latest Internet marketing advances for the direct selling industry, and training from some of the most remarkable Internet and offline marketers is available for anyone to tap into.

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