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TribePro Review – 2500 Automatic Shares or Scam?

Jordan Shultz presented an overview of TribePro on a recent webinar sponsored by My Lead System Pro.  Jordan, who worked for several years in his family’s restaurant business, realized he wanted to be able to have more time freedom, when witnessing his brother’s lifestyle after the birth of his nephew.  This caused him to start his own business, although he struggled for several years and ended up in debt as a result.  After discovering My Lead System Pro, and more recently, TribePro, he as completely turned around his life, achieving success for the first time via his online ventures. Jordan Shultz with MLSP Founders Brian Fanale and Norbert Orlewicz

Facebook now has over 600 Million users.  On Twitter, there are 55 million tweets per day and 106 million users.  Many people are constantly on these systems all day long, often via their smart phones.  Jordan began his meteoric path to success by leveraging these trends about six months ago, mostly via the “tribe” concept and TribePro.

What is a tribe?  As illustrated below, a tribe is an interconnected group that bands together to promote each other’s online content.  What is TribePro?  TribePro is an automation of the tribe concept, when tribe members agree to automatically syndicate each other’s content.  The nice thing about a tribe is that Google has recently become much more social.  Google’s “+1” is their version of Facebook’s “Like” button, giving “you” the option of “voting” for relevant online content.  Twitter and Flickr will soon be integrated, adding further weight to +1’s value.  Jordan has achieved #2 rank for “Attraction Marketing,” and #3 for “SEO Networker,” by leveraging social networks and TribePro.Jordan's MLSP Tribe includes both Ray Higdon and David Wood

Here is Jordan’s 3 step process for achieving these amazing results:

  1. Use keyword research tool, Market Samurai.
  2. Optimize content with SEOpressor.
  3. Syndicate content through TribePro.

How does this work?  By leveraging Onlywire, a syndication tool, content is syndicated to over 30 of the top social networking sites.  A paid account ($10 per month) is recommended.  It takes about 4 hours for social accounts to be set up, including your biography and a picture (recommended to be accomplished as quickly as possible.  On the webinar, detailed setup instructions were provided by JP Letnick.  Important considerations are:

  • Add your blog url in the description box of your profile
  • Do not add Facebook to Onlywire, unless you want to get your account banned.
  • Captcha code simplification from Onlywire is a must, since you will be auto-syndicating a lot of content for your tribe members and don’t want to have to be verifying hundreds of captcha codes manually every day.

TribePro was advertised in advance of this webinar as a way to automatically get 2500 shares of your content, e.g., blog post, YouTube video, etc.  On the actual webinar, JP demonstrated over 750 shares within 5 minutes using TribePro, so we don’t see this as any kind of a scam.  The only concert would be if Google found a way to detect these types of automated shares from multiple users, i.e., by coming from a single IP address.

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