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Turbo Affiliate Cash – A 6-Step Approach to Fast Affiliate Marketing Profits

In this article, we review a methodology developed by Mike Cowles and Keith Dougherty to consistently and quickly generate income as an affiliate marketer.  Their methodology,which is now sold as a product in Affiliate Cash Strategy, involves mostly free tools, e.g., OpenOffice.org, and a six step process as follows:Turbo Affiliate Cash

  1. Select an affiliate product.  Mike suggests going to one of the affiliate centers such as ClickBank, JVZoo, etc. and select a product with at least 20 copies sold and between 10 and 50% conversion.
  2. Get free content.  Contact the product owner and ask if they would participate in a quick email interview, of 5 to 7 questions, e.g., “How would you get started with Amazon marketing.”
  3. Use the report which you have developed to build a list.  Submit to sites such as tradebits.com with a free offer in exchange for their email address.
  4. Find free graphics.  Use professional headlines, screen capture, screen shots, and logo icons to enhance your content.  Mike suggests using gimp.org vs. spending megabucks for PhotoShop and use a simple free product like SqueezePageCity.com for free templates.
  5. Leverage JV traffic.  Go back to the person you interviewed and ask if they would mind posting to their blog (and write the post/swipe copy for them).
  6. Free back-end offers.  Offer master resale rights to people that download your report.  Offer your partner the ability to embed their own links, using PDF Blueprint(a Mike Cowles Product).  Then, place additional discount and free offers that your partner agrees to on your download page.
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Mike Cowles is a very innovative marketer, as evidenced by this strategy.  This methodology is much easier than standard affiliate marketing and jump starts a new marketer’s ability to develop joint venture partners.  Using this innovative methodology makes it very hard for a marketer to say no to your offer.

  • Affiliate Marketing Tips for Success (easyfastmoneyonline.wordpress.com)
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