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Rapid Cash Marketing – An Internet Marketer’s Complete Start-up System

Jeff Wellman Layoff Your Boss

Jeff Wellman’s first information product, Layoff Your Boss, earned over $100K  in 2007.  This success came in a time of need, after he had worked many years in dairy farming and manufacturing.  Since then, he and his partner Paul Counts have produced several other successful information products.

Their most recent product, Rapid Cash Marketing, has already produced many success stories, in an earlier released version.  Their newly released version of the course is based on 5 business models, proven to help others go from frustration to success, including the following modules:

  • Piggyback Marketing – How to profit from successful products in the market
  • Flipping Websites
  • Simple Web Services for Instant Profits – Simple services you can do for website owners
  • Cashing in on High Traffic Websites
  • How to Monetize Your Email List
my job sucks
my job sucks (Photo credit: candrews)

According to Jeff, any one of these modules could be turned into a 6 figure business.  Both videos and mp3s are included to facilitate the learning experience, as well as bonus videos with over-the-shoulder practical training.  Finally, resale rights are included in the package, so that the information can be shared with others for a profit.  Sales page templates, slides used to sell the course, and a squeeze page template are also included for building a list.

Rapid Cash Marketing looks to be a very complete system with several options, and is available initially at a very low entry price.  It is likely that anyone who seriously wants to improve their online results and is willing to put in the time to learn their methods would achieve significant results.

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