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The 5 Biggest Mistakes in Internet Marketing

“Build it and they will come,” is a method that might not work out so well in the world of Internet marketing.  Location, location, location isn’t really a useful catch phrase, either.  What can be done to ensure the most possible benefit from a new or existing web property?  Professional website designers, the best of whom are really graphics design experts, make some of the same mistakes as novices trying to construct a “free” site.  Here are the top mistakes to watch out for and hopefully avoid, in order to maximize the Internet’s considerable potential for leverage:

  1. Failure to Incorporate Search Engine Basics – Although most website designers give “lip service” there are few who actually do an adequate job.  Can you say missing title tags, meta keywords (although not as important as actual page content), and meta description?
  2. Failure to do Keyword Research – Just because you think it is a good keyword doesn’t mean anyone is really searching for it.  Getting ranked on a keyword that you think best describes your business probably won’t get you any leads.  What are your customers actually typing into Google?
  3. SEO Incompatible Technology – Flash sites, in particular, cannot be indexed by the search engines and are thus not able to be ranked.  Also, free websites and replicated pages generally rank poorly.
  4. Taking Shortcuts – Do not succumb to every offer to get your site listed on Google’s first page, or buying certain keywords in the Internet’s next big search property.  There are many scams in existence.  SEO is quite simply doing things that make sense.  Trying to “trick” Google with the latest “black hat” methodology is almost surely destined to backfire
  5. Not Measuring Results – Google analytics and other tools available online can be used to fine tune your websites and marketing campaigns.  Especially if using paid ads, you may be exposing yourself to unnecessary losses and missing out on potential profits. Learn from your mistakes before moving forward and to maximize your return on investment.

Internet marketing offers many advantages over traditional methods, if leveraged and exploited correctly.  But like any powerful tool, when things go wrong the problems can cascade, resulting in an avalanche of poor results.  As with any discipline, there is an education and learning process that everyone goes through.  Avoiding these mistakes is fairly simple, once the potential issues have been recognized.  My Lead System Pro and other excellent online membership training and attraction marketing systems offer specific training and details.

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