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Adjustments to Link Building Post Panda and Penguin

Leslie Rohde, of SEO Braintrust, is sometimes referred  to as the “godfather” of link building and SEO.  What are his thoughts in light of the recent updates at Google?  He recently shared on a public webinar (as a promotion for their newly released Link Liberation 3.0 training):

Cray X-MP/24 (serial no. 115) used by NSA
Cray X-MP/24 (serial no. 115) used by NSA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most people who have been successful online have had problems lately.   Linking building has been based in buying, begging, baiting and burgling over most of the Internet’s existence.  But link building had to “die,” since it was really supposed to be based on true endorsements vs. webmaster activities.  What was supposed to be a social activity had become an economic one, distorting the actual endorsements.

Google, who has more computers than NSA, has now killed link building by detecting purchased networks, incestuous networks, low value sites and overzealous SEO.  A Google engineer can easily “spin up” 10,000 computers to test any hypothesis.  Who can possibly stay ahead of Google?  Even if your “old-style” link building hasn’t yet been detected, it’s just a matter of time now.

Webmasters have now lost control of the “link graph.”  Visitors can now create “natural links” at a pace well beyond that possible by existing link building methods.  Practice has now caught up with theory, since “social” has caught up with “technical” links.  The math is the same, e.g., ranking is based on relevance (title tag, body copy, keywords in anchor text) and authority (page rank based on number of links).

Marketing today starts with what your audience is already talking about.  What are the relevant niche markets within your area of expertise.  Your brand is not what you say your are; it is what you say.  This message attracts the audience.  Anything that engages your audience and also gets indexed by “search” is “content.”

Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook are great places to start getting followers for your content and initial testing.  Then, later on a blog can be started based on initial research and findings.  It is important to know what your audience wants and what they react to vs. using older techniques such as keyword research.  Social interaction is causing the Internet to work like Google has always wanted it to.  Summarizing content (similar to blog curation) in your chosen niche expertise area is just one method that can be immediately used to start working with vs. fighting against the Google “beasts.”

Another link building alternative that can be used to promote feeder sites to your money site or blog is Magic Submitter.


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