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Attraction Marketing Tip – Using Article Submitter Software

One tried and true method of achieving higher search engine page rankings, is article marketing. For the uninitiated, there are hundreds of article directories on the internet which allow authors to “publish” their content. Most of the better ones review your content in order to keep the quality and usefulness of their sites high. One of the keys to success is using automation, e.g., article submitter software to cut down on your workload. After all, that is what computers are for, isn’t it?

There are several good systems available for doing this work, and the purpose of this article is not to review these. Perhaps in a future blog entry, we’ll take on this task. But for now, we just want to highlight the steps in the process and demonstrate using one tool in particular how it works.

Automatic Article Submitter is the tool we’ll discuss here. This tool has several features, which are extremely helpful.  The system is very reasonably priced, under $100 as a one-time purchase.  The system provides an automated registration process for the hundreds of article directories, where possible.  Some directories that use CAPTCHA codes must be manually processed for obvious reasons.  The program includes an excellent article spinner and thesaurus suggestion tool.  Finally it includes automated submission to about 80 percent of the directories not using CAPTCHA codes in the submission process.

As a result, one article can become hundreds of articles each viewed as unique to Google, Yahoo and Bing.  Of course, keyword research is important in writing an article as well as using article submitter software.  Keyword research can uncover the best “niche” phrases to use in your article and title.  In this way you can actually have articles that use different, but important, keyword-rich titles all linking back to your blog.

In general, our strategy is to use the one of the two allotted backlinks allowed by most article directories for this blog, and the second for our attraction marketing system landing page, which contains our “offer.””

Article marketing is an extremely effective way to quickly build high quality backlinks to your blog, website, or attraction marketing system (in our case).  Many of the article directories carry page rank of 5 or 6.  A single PR 5 link gives the same effect as 555 PR 1 links to your page.  This is why the strategy is so quick and effective to “promote” you to Google p.1.  If you don’t believe us, listen to the results achieved in only a couple months by upstart marketer David Wood, as recorded in a live conference call by acclaimed attraction marketing experts from My Lead System Pro.

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(2) Comments

    • Roselee Pargo 3:43 pm

      Hello, have you had chance to try out market samurai since it was launched? I bought it and I must admit all I take advantage of it for is the rank checker 😐

    • Jim 10:45 pm

      Yes, I’ve used it. It has a similar feature set, but I am a little more used to Micro Niche Finder. I’ll probably do a comparison review when I get a little time; maybe very soon.

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