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Attraction Marketing Tools – Saving Time on Your Video Uploads

Today, we review what is one of our favorite tools for making videos and automating much of the tedious process of converting formats, logging into multiple websites, and keeping a schedule.  Traffic Geyser is an incredible tool that simplifies all this and literally shortens what would be a process involving hours of effort to just a few minutes to accomplish all your video marketing tasks.

Traffic Geyser includes video sites, blogging sites, social bookmarking sites, and article directories.  A one time setup process is involved to sign-up for all of the supported sites, or to enter existing login and password information.  In addition, the system allows profiles to be established for certain types of submissions that may be frequently made.

In the submission process, a five page form is filled out with specific submission information for your video and any associated blog or article directory text, the specific sites to submit to, and additional information needed for each of the chosen sites.  Submissions can be repeated up to four times at weekly intervals, as a “refresh” feature, and in order to submit different formats needed by specific directories.

All of the conversion and submission is taken care of by Traffic Geyser from this point on.  You can monitor submission results after the fact and correct any errors as needed.  Additional features include some royalty free music for use with your videos, and the ability to create squeeze/landing pages for your business and/or clients.

Extensive training is provided for those new to the world of video submissions in the form of videos in the back office.  In addition, each Wednesday evening, a webinar is held to cover “frequently asked” questions.  These sessions can be excellent and often provide excellent insights into such advanced topics as search engine optimization and how to evaluate/correct seo mistakes on websites.  Several training videos are also available on how to start your own consulting business based on offering video submissions for local and/or international businesses.

Does Traffic Geyser do it all?  Probably not, but it has everything needed especially in the world of video submissions across a wide cross-section of video sites online.  It’s weakest area would be in article marketing, but if you only need to submit to a few sites, it does an adequate job.  We recommend supplementing with other submission tools such as Automatic Article Submitter for the more serious article marketer’s needs.

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