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Internet Marketing Tip – Using Google Image Ads – Webinar Summary

In this article we discuss the use of Google Image Ads.  In addition, we  summarize a webinar held this evening pertaining to Google paid ads.  On the weekly My Lead System Pro webinar,  Steve Schuett and Ryan Dunn discussed their successful Google image ads campaign.  They have used the following technique to generate 800 leads per month at an average of $.053 per lead.  Once the campaign was initiated last January, there has been no maintenance whatsoever.

They first shared general suggestions including:

  • Use the word “free” in your ad (note that you can’t do this in regular Google ads)
  • Use female pictures
  • Use an arrow pointing to a button
  • Have your call to action in the button, e.g., “give me my free seminar”
  • The button should be red

The button sizes should be irregular, including 120×600, 250×250, 160×600, 300×250, and 336×280.  The reason for this is that people are conditioned to “ignore” adds that look like banners.  They suggested using 20dollarbanner.com to create your buttons fairly simply.

Next, using the Google Keyword Tool, find relevant keywords from your capture page.  Then generate additional keywords using the keywords Google suggests, adding all that are relevant to your page.  You don’t have to worry about the highest sought keywords as much as you normally would.  Repeat this process until you have generated 800 to 1200 keywords.  Export to a text file.

Finally, sign-up for your  Google image ads campaign and set it up using these keywords.  Google will take a few days to approve your ads.  For now, this technique is not as sensitive to Google “slap,” which most Internet marketers have experienced by now.  The MLSP “Free Presentation” page was suggested by MLSP founder Brian Fanale as the best landing page for conversions and banners are already available to members in the recommended sizes.   If that is “greek” to you and want to give it a try, contact us or check out our landing page for an example.

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