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Network Marketing Lead Generation Tips – Leveraging Authority Sites

Rob Fore, recently shared his secrets in leveraging authority sites, in order to generate over 50 leads (his best day is now 61 leads) per day. Rob uses the My Lead System Pro marketing platform for his landing pages, sales, and welcome pages.

Rob has been involved with MLSP about six months.  He immediately recognized the power available in the system and began building his marketing system and campaigns.  His strategy involves leveraging search engines by creating relevant content on authority sites, such as Ezinearticles.com.  His strategy recognizes that the number of incoming links, or back links, and page rank are important in ranking these pages.  Rob finds that for each article on an authority site ranking on the first page of Google, he receives one lead per day.

In order to leverage top authority sites with existing Google ranking for the exact terms he wants to target, Rob suggests the following steps:

  1. Select a Target Market – For MLSP, this is frustrated network marketers and anyone looking to make extra money.
  2. Research the Market’s Needs and Wants – What terms are they entering in the search engines to solve their problems?  Find existing authority sites already ranking for terms that are related to the problem.
  3. Write Relevant Content – Post content on selected authority site and your MLSP page (or blog).
  4. Get Backlinks – Promote your content using automated tools.

Rob targets popular products that are being launched on the Internet.  He has written articles on MLM Launch Formula, as one prime example, where he now ranks #3 in Google.  He also uses company reviews to generate many leads.  Also, since many people are searching for marketing “gurus” online, he uses this to generate  many leads as well, leveraging searches for “experts” like Todd Falcone,  Brian Fanale, and others.

Rob’s secret technique, which he shared for MLSP members,  is based on  research using tools such as Market Samurai to discover keywords already ranking on authority sites.  Then he creates content on this keyword and submits to the same authority site.  Finally, he uses Article Marketing Robot to create massive backlinks to the article he posted on the site.  This knocks the current article off Google’s front page, replacing with his new article.  The magic of this technique completely changes the amount of traffic getting to his articles, e.g., instead of 20 views per month he gets usually 20 views per day.

This strategy is ingenious, and just one of many shared through the weekly training webinars available to MLSP members and guests.  The strategy takes consistent and persistent action for eventual and long term success.   But the traffic created will continue and build over time, creating an incredible online legacy for anyone using this strategy.   Most importantly, Rob’s strategy can be used by any internet marketer for any business that could benefit from top rankings on Google.  For more network marketing lead generation tips, please visit our MLSP landing pages and opt-in for a 30-day trial membership.

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