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How to Get a Top 10 Google Ranking – Search Engine Optimization

In this article we discuss the factors in reaching the top of any search engine ranking. Of course, we focus on Google, which gets the most online traffic today, however, doing what works for Goggle will generally get similar or better results with Yahoo, Bing, and others.  We focus specifically on success for both our own telecommunications brokerage, as well as for several clients.

In several instances, we have been able to achieve top Google rankings for highly sought keywords.  Of course, each ranking must be achieved on a term-by-term basis.  Here are the results:

  • T1Wizard.com – This site was unranked when we started and today has a best Google position of #3 for the term “best business broadband,” out of 35 million pages.
  • GotTileInstaller.com – A new site, which is in #3 Google position for the term “tile installer delaware,” out of about 50 thousand pages.
  • JBLandscaping.com – This site is in #2 Google position for the term “landscaping delaware,” representing a move up from #13 position before we started.

The key factors in a top 10 Google ranking include keyword research, domain name, site content, backlinks, and other factors.

To achieve a top 10 Google ranking, many factors come into play in tandem, including keyword research, domain name choice, site content, backlinks and other factors.  The most important element is doing adequate keyword research.  The actual domain name, including the link to each page is the best indicator of what the page content is about.  Of course if unrelated content actually is put on a site, the Google ranking algorithm will heavily discount the actual domain name.  The remaining factors must work together in a cohesive sense.  The content of the site must be original and make good literary sense, vs. some sites that might use bots to create keyword-rich gibberish.  Outside links should contain the exact keyword being ranked for.

All of these factors are crucial.  Your website will have to obtain a higher score than its competition in order to move ahead.  Google is simply a big computer that “scores” your site, although the use of human reviewers for oversight is also a factor.  The bottom line is that creating good content that is useful to the public is what really matters.  For additional ideas pertaining to internet marketing and MLM attraction marketing, visit our attraction marketing mentoring system.

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