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What’s Working Now June 25 2015

Adam Jacobs continued the thread on developing assets to lease or sell to local businesses.  In order to find the most profitable locations to target, he suggested using a Wikipedia article on the highest income places in the US (extract shown here):

Highest income palces in the US with population over 40,000


This, article is a great starting point, but data can be verified on sites such as biggestuscities.com and other similar demographic sites.

The next step would be to build out a generic site in a home service or contractor niche with high significantly high new customer acquisition value to warrant leasing the site.  The Rockstar Local Lead Theme would be an excellent choice for building a generic site.

Ranking the site involves two easy steps:

  1. Embed a generic YouTube Live video on the site
  2. Run Syndwire (or similar service) against the video to push it up in the search results.

Adam also suggests leasing out the site, since selling leads is a much more complicated process involving tracking numbers and manually adjusting for “bad leads” delivered to the customer.

Although the profit from the site would be higher, he suggests rather to build out many sites at a price that might seem low at first glance, e.g., $750 setup and $750 per month.  A discount could be offered for paying a full year in advance for $6,000.

Then, it is just a matter of building out and selling enough sites to meet income goals.  Finding a good outsourcer would significantly speed up the process.  For the level of person needed to build out sites, it would probably be about $300 per month, which could be raised after starting to make money.

Sources of getting the site building outsourced include:

  • onlinejobs.ph
  • Craigslist.ph

Selling (leasing) each site built, shouldn’t be that difficult, since many of the businesses that would benefit already are spending $2000 and more on Google PPC, since they haven’t been able to successfully rank their sites organically

One of the beauties of AJ’s method is that leasing sites puts the marketer in the position of owning assets.  This has many advantages including giving leverage for non-payment of “rent,” and the possibility of having an exit strategy.  Many business owners have a goal of eventually selling their business when they retire.  A hands-off income producing entity such as this would be ideal for that.

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