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Goal Setting Template – How to Motivate Yourself Most Effectively

In this article we discuss the goal setting process and offer some specific ideas to  motivate yourself most effectively.  Specifically, what is an effective goal setting template that I can use on a daily basis?

One way to improve your own results and literally begin “checking off” major wins is to prioritize.  Experts in the process and best practices in setting goals and achieving results sometimes offer a methodology of scoring such as A, B, and C goals.  What we suggest here is a rank order, not based on your priority, but on probability of success.

What areas of life or specific goals are easiest for you to attain?  We suggest that you put these at the top of your list.  Make sure that you tell yourself clearly that none of the goals on your list are easy and allow yourself to celebrate just as much when you achieve what you might “consider” an easy goal.

For instance, in my case, I have been able to motivate myself to regular exercise such as jogging or walking in the past.  That doesn’t mean that this goal attainment should be considered easy.  Just accept that sense of accomplishment that comes with success at any thing you might try.

Then once you’ve achieved some success in the easiest part of your “daily” tasks, move into some that you might consider more difficult.  For further information on a goal setting template, please contact us or visit our attraction marketing system overview and training opportunity

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