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Website Marketing Strategy – Adding a Valuable Offer to your Site

One of the key strategies in attraction marketing has to do with making a valuable offer to subscribers to your list in exchange for their email address.  The free offer should be something of great value for free or minimal cost.  In this article we illustrate one particular type of offer to make and announce a new offer installed today on this blog earlier today.

The offer we’ve chosen today is free training.  As a member of the Internet’s leading attraction marketing system, My Lead System Pro, we have access to some incredible marketing information on a weekly basis.  Each Monday, we generate a blast email to our subscriber list with a promotion for the weekly training.  Of course there is a money making possibility here, too, since MLSP is an affiliate program.  But from our perspective, the level of training offered is unparalleled anywhere else.

For visitors to this blog, this should be a “no-brainer,” due to the value provided on these calls.  Several stand out in my mind, however a call presented by up and coming marketer David Wood last fall was the best I’ve ever heard in free training.  In fact many people have been following David’s meteoric path to success since that one call.  More success secrets were shared freely on that call than probably shared in some $5,000 seminars.

Most of the MLSP weekly calls max out the webinar login each week at 1,000.  In some cases, even a 2,000 capacity webinar room has not been enough.  So if you’re prepared to take in some raw value and don’t mind enduring an occasional short sales pitch by MLSP founders Brian Fanale and Norbert Orlewicz, please opt-in here on the new form just added to our blog and we’ll see you Wednesday evening at 9pm Eastern.  We promise you won’t regret it at all and might even decide that MLSP is an adequate turn-key attraction marketing system to meet your marketing needs.  If not, we can always customize one for you as part of our  attraction marketing repertoire, but be prepared to spend much more for a custom solution

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