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Mentor Training Program – Can You Help Others Solve their Big Problems?

On a recent webinar, JP Maroney shared “How to Build a Big Ticket Coaching Cash Cow.”  Many people have been studying and getting ready to get ready.  All you have to do is find a solution to people’s problems and start generating the cash.  He teaches how to sell $2 to $10K in coaching every week.  The following quote was shared with him by his mentor:

If you want to be a master at anything, study what the masters have done before you.  Learn to do what they have done.  Have the courage to do it.  And, you can be a master just like them.

JP gets paid up to $1000 per hour in his personal coaching.  If you will accept the fact that you know something other people don’t know, you can do the same (eventually).  Here is how he started; just one of more than a dozen ways of marketing for his coaching clients.

  • Offered a free seminar in his local town – only 85,000 people in the city limits.
  • Spent less than $100
  • 43 people showed up for the workshop (2 didn’t count)
  • Spoke for 67 minutes … all content
  • Made a soft offer and call to action at the end
  • Sold $110K in coaching to people in the room – people who had NEVER heard of him before

Preceding the seminar, he made an alliance with the local Small Business Development Center (SBDC) center in order to promote his seminar.  In addition, he spoke with three hotels; the third of which sponsored his event.  His SBDC “sponsor” helped him distribute a marketing piece.  In the actual seminar, he concentrated in delivering ultra high-value content, and coming from an abundance mindset.  He offered free “strategy sessions” to attendees. When meeting with prospective clients afterwards, he used his “Killer 6-Questions” to coaching to close the deal.  His results were $110K in new business within two weeks of the event.

Do you have specialized knowledge in some area that helps other people solve their problems?

Big ticket coaching is working with clients one-on-one or in a group; getting paid $2 to $25K or more per person you help.  What are the requirements in order to participate?

  • Do you have specialized knowledge in some area that helps other people solve their problems?
  • Do you “enjoy” helping people solve their problems?
  • Is it a market of people who are willing to pay for a solution?
  • Are you OK with making $500, $1000, $5000 or more per hour for your time?

Your pricing has everything to do with the value you deliver.

JP Shared the following steps to success:

  1. Turn what you know into an outline that you can follow with clients.  Even if working from scratch, you just need to take your “head” information and organize it.  You will probably end up with a book or info product worth $2 to $25K.
  2. Structure your coaching to fit the needs of your clients’ and your own schedule.  What is the duration of your program?  Is it group, one-on-one, or blended model?  JP has been able to generate $80K for a two month program one night per week.
  3. Price the program.  Some will end up participating in more than one program.  For a group program, JP typically charges $2K per person in a group vs. $10K one-on-one.  What you charge has nothing to do with the “rest of the market,” but everything to do with the value you deliver.  Connecting your program to money makes it even easier to charge more.
  4. Market your program.  Look for problems in the “real world.”  Give before you expect to get and be abundant with your expertise.  Use articles, free reports, existing email list, live speaking opportunities, etc. to move people into your marketing funnel.
  5. Deliver Your Program.
  6. Improve Your Program.  Examples include a self-booking system, which has saved JP thousands of $$.

JP’s advice is that “it is your time” to make money.  You really only need to know how to get people from where they are to where they want to be.  JP’s “Cash Cow Coaching” program includes the elements of his system in a 7 module system and will soon be offered for $1197 as an information product, including several bonuses, e.g. one hour of private coaching.  For additional ideas on coaching,  internet marketing and MLM attraction marketing, please visit our attraction marketing mentoring system

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