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Easy Target Lead Generator – Product Review

John Pearce, Developer of Easy Target Lead Generator
John Pearce

John Pearce just released, earlier today what may be the best offline marketing lead generation software to ever be released.  Why do I say this is the best ever Offline marketing lead gen software?  Watch his video, for starters:

As you can see, this software quickly identifies the following needs for any local business based on niche and location:

  • Mobile Website
  • Mobile App
  • Google+ Page
  • Facebook Fan Page
  • Whether Business Has Paid Advertising (i.e. AdSense)
  • Email Capture Form On Website
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

For example, let’s say a local plumber already has an active Facebook fan page and Twitter, but doesn’t capture emails on their website. Armed with this knowledge, you now know what to sell the plumbing business owner on and not waste their time talking about social media! Instead, you’ll be able to zero in on how they are losing a ton of potential sales by not having an email opt-in form.  Or, as a business owner, how valuable would it be to know exactly what your competition is doing?

There are a couple of bonuses that come with this software, including basic training/information on consulting to local businesses, statistics you can use when talking to local business owners, and a follow-on training series featuring several experts who work with local businesses on a daily basis.

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