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Success Principles – The Importance of Taking Immediate Action

What makes some people a success in attraction marketing, network marketing and/or internet marketing vs. others who struggle? People who are willing to take risks and very bold action are the ones who get the rewards. As long as you keep shooting, eventually you’ll score.

Og Mandino’s essay on taking action highlights the importance of taking immediate action.  How much kindling have you put in the fireplace at this point in the year, as the fourth quarter looms into sight?  What about the Christmas presents and next year’s vacations?  Do they depend on achieving your goals?  It is important to realize that lack of action has real consequences.

A lot of people who say they want to earn $10K per month, having never reached this level in their life vastly underestimate what is needed.  That is because most saying this have never reached it, based on their own actions.  Earning $3-5K monthly takes significant action, but what most don’t realize is that their $10K goal will take massive action.

Many people operate from a “comfort zone.”  Whatever their current earnings level is is a reflection of their current comfort zone.  Do you have the desire to break free from this level and devote the massive action necessary?  Are you willing to act right now?

The difference between people that are rich vs. those facing poverty is also the willingness to take actions.  Some have a fear of what those who they contact about their business or products will think?  Does it really matter what people are saying about you?  Stop procrastinating and making excuses and get the things done now that will move you forward.  The only person who is stopping you is the person in the mirror.  Recruiting and product sales are the only two ways to increase your bank account.  What have you done lately that directly contributes to these two actions?

Successful entrepreneurs reportedly have the same emotions that you do.  There isn’t a single phone call that they make that they really would rather not.  The only difference between them and you is that they don’t listen to the “inner voices” and critics and just do it anyway, consistently, over and over until they reach the goal.  Is this your year (or quarter) to break through and finally achieve success through massive action, no matter how uncomfortable you feel in the process? Take action now and bring it to pass.

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(4) Comments

    • Tom Z. 12:12 pm

      Great Post! We do tend to “idle” away the hours and at the end of the day say where did the day go. Taking action is extremley important.

    • Ted Hunsaker 3:16 pm

      Hey Jim, Great Post about Taking Action. keep up the good work.


    • Outstanding post Jim! Stepping outside of your comfort zone and taking action on a consistent basis is the only way you’ll ever make it to the next level in life and fulfill your dreams or desires. Massive action is needed,( no matter how big or small), just as long as it’s consistent action, then the compound effect catapults your business beyond your wildest imagination. What you put into it, is what you get!

    • Hello Jim, Great article and video. Taking action is absolutely necessary if we are to succeed. It is not hard once you get used to it. Thanks, Andrew Gallop

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