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Attraction Marketing – How to Grow Your Business Using an Online Presence

Internet marketing has quickly become the media of choice for advertising a wide range of products and services.  As traditional media and advertising sources quickly recede, the astute business owner will quickly adjust in order to survive.   In this article, we briefly discuss the main components of attraction marketing and an online strategy for growing a business with online advertising.

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Nearly every business owner recognizes the importance of the Internet.  Having an online presence is not enough, however, as most soon discover soon after commissioning their shiny new website.  What they didn’t realize was that merely having a new website is usually not enough.  The main question becomes how to get found.  Sadly, many turn to traditional methods in order to “market” their new web presence.

So the print media, airwaves, and billboards are now exploited to drive “traffic” to the business website.  But what is the purpose of the website in the first place?  What is needed is a strategy and system to incorporate the business website in an overall attraction marketing campaign.  Think about it.  So what are the components of an effective attraction marketing campaign?

Using fishing as a metaphor, you must first bait the hook.  There should be a compelling offer on the website.  This could be free information, free service (such as estimates and analysis), training, etc.  In order to receive the free offer, your prospect will provide their contact information in order that you may follow-up and/or put them on your mailing list.

Once the prospect “takes the bait,” you can let them run.  An autoresponder or monthly newsletter can be used to follow-up and introduce the prospect to various offers.  Over time, a good campaign will progressively gather additional information about the prospect and convert them to a customer.

Low cost offers such as introductory training specials, trial “kits” and product samples then may be used to “set the hook” and begin reeling in your catch.  At this point the fishing analogy becomes less useful, since you don’t really want to “kill” the customer, rather to develop a long term relationship.  In order to do so, you must continue to provide “value” to your customer, in both tangible and intangible ways.

You need to create an “atmosphere” or relationship that continues over time.  A great corporate example is Starbucks.  Although most agree that the product is pricey, what customers are “buying” is the atmosphere and customer experience.  This engenders repeated visits, despite paying more than for a more “generic” product.

A good Internet-based attraction marketing system should have all these components and more.  We recommend every business employ a turn-key attraction marketing system, whether for network marketing or traditional business models.

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