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Niche Profit Classroom Review

Adam Short has developed one of the most successful strategies for creating small niche sites that make as little as $150 per month or up to $6,000 per month.  He has personally built over 300 sites that make him over 6-figures per year.  Adam Short, Niche MarketerHe believes that it is realistic to be making 5-figures per month within 6 months to 1 year.  All that is needed is a domain name, hosting, WordPress, and a ClickBank Account for each site that you create and a willingness to “do the work.”

Adam who has been a full-time Internet marketer since 2005, began his Internet career at Overture. Today, he runs his 7-figure/year business based on both niche-based and affiliate marketing. He uses list building to capture opt-ins, with a headline based on what his audience wants and a “promise,” or offer of a free 10-day mini course. His autoresponder series (mini course) uses 2 content emails prior to every email asking for the sale.  Two of his sites are:

  • BettaFishCenter.com, a simple site which he built in 2005, creates a subscriber list and eventually sells a $15 ebook, getting 500 to 1000 visitors daily.  The site was first created as an affiliate site and when he realized the potential he had his own product created.
  • BinauralBeatsCenter.com is a similar site, although not as prolific as the first.

What are the steps to creating a good niche or affiliate program:

Image representing Clickbank as depicted in Cr...
Image via CrunchBase
  1. Choose the right market – Adam uses a tried-and-true formula.  First find out what is selling well online.  Then research search volume and competition, to find the easiest markets to get rankings.  What you want is markets with lots of buyers, but limited competition.  Adam recommends using Clickbank.com’s Marketplace to identify the markets and starting as an affiliate in your chosen markets.  In researching potential products, a product’s “gravity” is used to find the best products to promote.  Adam’s simple formula is using advanced search with gravity higher than 6 and 50 results per page.
  2. a)  Research search volume – Using Google’s Keyword tool, the search volume of the top 10 terms should be greater than 100,000 per month. b) Research search engine competition – Identify the Google PageRank of the top 3 most popular terms (ignoring duplicates).  Using SeoQuake.com, download the free SeoQuake plugin for quickest results in this analysis.  Average the top 10 results for the 3 most popular terms, eliminating any “outliers.”  You can expect rankings immediately for average PR 0,1 and within a week for PR 2 competition.
  3. Creating your website – The site will be based on 5-7 articles and an optional mini-course/opt-in page.  On the webinar, Adam shared a previously secret resource, MyArticleExpress.com, which will produce quality articles for $9.
  4. Secure permanent traffic – Using On-page and off-page SEO, create the content.  On-page SEO simply places the keyword in 5 places ( first paragraph, last paragraph, title tag, page name, link text in menu).  Off-page SEO is based on Adam’s 21 Day Traffic Blueprint using article marketing

The success of Adam’s methods make SEO easy, because his work is based on finding the “low hanging fruit,” or keywords up front.  Multiple top 10 rankings are easy within days or weeks, which last for years.

In addition, Adam offers a software automation tool, which creates unique, high-quality sites.  The tool, which is included in his Niche Profit Classroom membership site has “produced” many full-time marketers from people who didn’t have any prior experience.  The main course features 150 short videos that can be completed in a couple days, over 600 more advanced training videos in various aspects of Internet marketing, a keyword research tool, a website creation tool, a sales letter wizard (if selling your own product), and a newsletter creator (for autoresponder-based mini course).

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