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10 Prospecting Tricks That Will Produce 50 Leads Daily – MLSP Webinar Review

Ray Higdon recently shared his “non-techie” tips that he has used to produce up to 50 leads daily in his business.   Ray is highly successful as a top leader in MLSP and the top income earner in his primary company.   Although these techniques are mostly offline, they should be viewed as a part of an overall marketing strategy, which also includes online marketing.  These techniques, are for “hustlers,” vs. “hopers” in the industry.  If you’re more about online content, consider making videos of YOU going around town doing these techniques.  That could be an awesome integration of online content for attraction marketing.  What a concept!

Although Ray’s methods are mainly offline methods, they could be easily incorporated into your daily attraction marketing campaigns, by making videos of YOU using these methods to generate low to no cost leads.

  1. Use the System (My Lead System Pro) – This method requires 10 minutes per day, using the copy/paste and existing pre-configured sales funnels.  The estimated leads produced is 5+ per day.  When prospecting, ask key questions such as “Are you generating many leads on Twitter today?”
  2. Work Events -This method requires 2-3 hours per week attending 2 events in your area per week.  This method will produce 50 leads minimum (7 leads per day).  Find good networking events and get as many business cards as possible without introducing what you do.  Then follow-up with them the next day on the phone.  This is magical, since no one is doing it; rather everyone is pitching their company, program, or product.  Here is Ray’s script “Would you be open to a side project that doesn’t interfere with what you are currently doing.”
  3. Contest Entry Boxes –  This method takes 2-3 hours per week.
  4. Post it Notes – This strategy takes 4-5 hours per week placing a stamped post-it note all around town.  The suggested text is as follows:  “Superstars Only – Make $50-$300K – Don’t Even Call Unless You Are a Producer and Can Prove It.”  Larry Beacham has used this method to generate 35 calls to his GoogleVoice mail from 100 notes.  The technique requires posture, and although it shouldn’t be stated as a job opportunity many will perceive it that way.  Larry suggests
  5. Realtor Signs – While driving around town, call 5-20 realtors, asking them “Would you be open to a way to making an income that has nothing to do with real estate?”  Today most real estate professionals are having trouble surviving.
  6. Free Seminar or Webinar – This method requires 4-5 hours weekly, using content from MLSP in your own webinars.  Prior to the seminar, ask attendees to describe their main issue or problem with online marketing, and then try to address their answers in the form of an advertisment for a second session which will address their main issues.
  7. Really Going for Referrals – This method although only taking 1-2 hours weekly will produce 5-50 leads per person.  For people who tell you “no,” ask “You have got to know someone who has been affected by the economy or lost their job; would you mind if we shared this with them?”  If still “no,” then say ” No? Really? No one you want to help?  Someone struggling?”  After you contact their referrals, call the person back for more.
  8. Card Grab – This method takes 1-2 hours weekly and can produce 10-30 leads per day.  Find places in your area that have corkboards where people place their business cards or advertising.  Call them and say “Not sure where I found your card, but would you be open to a side project that doesn’t interfere with what you are doing?”  These are people who want to make more money or they wouldn’t be advertising.
  9. Local Google Alerts – This method takes 1-2 hours weekly and can generate 5+ leads per day.  Google will alert you of news in cities you might want to develop a team.  Don’t watch the news, but let the news come to you if it will help you get more leads, e.g., learn about when a mortgage company closes in the area.  Contact people featured in the news and prospect them by building relationships vs. beating them over the head.
  10. People You Meet – This method takes 1-2 hours per week and can generate 5+ leads per day.  Don’t explain or present and keep it loose, oriented to family, occupation, recreation.  Be rushed and tell them “gotta run,” but as you are leaving ask “Just throwing it out there; would you be open to a side project…”  Ray finds that 9/10 will say “yes” or “what is it?”  Although Ray has done his company presentation over 900 times, he WILL NOT present now, because it is not duplicatable (the prospect will think this is what they have to do). Ray’s next statement is “Well, it may or not be for you, but check out the following information (website, audio CD, etc.) and I’ll follow-up afterwards.”  Get their information and try to set a follow-up appointment.

To be successful in MLM, you have to be willing to talk to people.

For every single prospect, and especially those that say “no,” Ray will ask the following:  “How are you doing generating leads online.”  Ray also advises not to forget your warm list; just don’t be addicted to the outcome, or expect sensational results!  Even Mike Dillard, the king of online attraction marketing, recently told an audience in Las Vegas, that he would go to the warm market “as long as he didn’t care if they responded or not.”  One person should not be able to bring you down, especially considering that a full-time residual income can be generated in 3 years or less in this industry (where else is this true?).  But, to be successful in MLM, you have to be willing to talk to people.  For further information and to access similar  attraction marketing leads generation training from MLSP’s leaders, please visit our MLSP Overview Page.

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