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4 Biggest Challenges to Sponsoring More Representatives – Todd Falcone Review

In this article, we review a recent presentation made on the My Lead System Pro Weekly webinar by Todd Falcone. Todd is a networker, by trade, having built successful teams in 4 different companies over a 20 year period. He is the author of “The Fearless Networker,” a popular handbook for distributors in direct sales/network marketing.

The 4 areas people stuggle with in the area of prospecting?

  1. Connecting – You are looking to create a “warm and fuzzy” feeling whether meeting locally or using automated lead generation systems.  Todd visualizes a big block of ice between him and the prospect.  He gets an ice pick to chip away the ice and blow torch to melt it.  People buy from people they know, like and trust, so you must make the connection.  The things to be aware of and manage are areas of common interest, styles of communication, mirroring the prospect’s personality style.
  2. Follow Up – Follow up is more about doing that technique.  The key is setting firm appointments with prospects for follow-up and then meeting your commitments.  When a prospect fails to show you can pretty much just cross them off your list.  Sometimes, you can give a little leeway, but you should leave a voicemail clearly indicating that you are looking for professionals and so far this person doesn’t seem to be fitting the mold.
  3. Overcoming Objections –   This area can be learned by involving your upline on 3-way calls and learning as they answer the more difficult questions, some effective ways to respond.  Since there are only really 5 or 6 main objections normally encountered for any business, these can be learned fairly quickly.
  4. Closing – Listen for buying signs from your prospect such as questions about getting started, etc.  If you’ve been paying attention and truly listening to your prospect, the close should come naturally, as a benefits-based reason that your company and/or products can meet their wants/needs.  There isn’t any magic involved and simple questions work best:  “Are you ready to get started.”

Todd has been successful in building networking organizations, since he operates using a lot of posture.  He likens it to recruiting a new CEO for a company, in which the bar is set very high.  It should be the same in network marketing companies, although most distributors operate from a level of scarcity.  In reality, you are just looking for a few leaders that have what it takes to succeed.  This doesn’t necessarily been a very high skill set, though, because it’s more about desire than raw ability in most cases.

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