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5Linx Review – Is 5Linx Among the Top MLM Companies?

In this article we review the 5Linx business opportunity and its flagship videophone technology.  5Linx is a popular network marketing company in the telecommunications industry, which was founded in 2000.  Following in the footsteps of industry giant Excel Communications and more recently ACN,  5Linx now offers various products in the telecommunications arena.  We consider whether this is one of the top MLM companies that you should take part in for the long haul.

One of the main considerations when evaluating 5Linx is its GlobalLinx CU-3000 VideoPhone and digital phone services.  GlobalLinx is a re-branding of Packet8‘s VoIP services in 2005.  Packet8′s VoIP services were first offered in 2002.  5Linx also offers satellite TV, cellular services, and broadband internet.

David Wood, a leading attraction marketing specialist, advises against investing time in building a technology program in the network marketing arena, for two reasons:

  1. Negative price pressure in the marketplace – How easy is it to duplicate the latest whiz bang technology product that is now attracting most of your customers?  It might now be very hot, but a year from now when China enters the market with a competing product that your prospective customers can get at Walmart, you’ll be looking for a new MLM company.
  2. Technology Risk – Excel Communications, which was producing some of the biggest earners in MLM history, when faced with downward market pricing pressures was forced out of business.  What may look like today’s “latest” technology could be easily surpassed by a newer innovation tomorrow.

When deciding if 5Linx should be one of the top MLM companies to consider for a business opportunity today we must consider the future of this technology.  Obviously, we have only recently  seen the introduction of many new popular products such as Apple’s iPhone.  Will videophone services such as 5Linx offers become widespread, or is it merely “warmed over” technology?  If so, does 5Linx have this potential market cornered?  If so, this company could be considered a “right place, right time” opportunity for the future.

Nortel IP Video Phone 1535
Nortel IP Video Phone 1535

An interesting question to ponder might be “Where is AT&T’s Picturephone or VideoPhone today?”   AT&T concluded that its early videophone was a “concept looking for a market,” when it discontinued its Picturephone service in the late 1970s.  AT&T also marketed the VideoPhone 2500 from 1992 to 1995 using analog phone lines. And the “elephant in the room” is Skype and other “free” IM-based video communications services offered by providers with millions of users, e.g., AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, and MSN messenger.  What impact do these “competitors” have on your ability to market a $249 videophone and monthly service plan?  And what about true business-class IP phones from leading manufacturers, such as Nortel (shown on the right)?

A final consideration is the strength of the 5Linx compensation plan? According to many representatives earning significant earnings it is a great plan.  Independent reviewers also agree.  Numerous bonuses are available including bounty bonuses, monthly residuals, weekly customer acquisition bonuses, etc., making this a lucrative opportunity.

Can anyone succeed with 5Linx and is it among the top MLM companies to be considered?  Both are certainly possible, depending on the level of effort that a person is willing to expend, and the final place that 5Linx and its flagship videophone technology receive in the world of technology and everyday usage.  When building a 5linx business one recipe for success is effectively leveraging the Internet using an effective attraction marketing system.

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