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Attraction Marketing for Dummies – Larry Beacham Review

Larry Beacham recently shared some of his attraction marketing secrets “for dummies.”  After his own succes with social media, and particularly with Linkedin, he put on the session in response to many questions from people who were having trouble making money in their own Internet business.  Larry also refers this type of marketing as “fingerprint marketing,” since every person’s contributions are unique depending on their own skills and personality.

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The #1 problem most people are facing is failing to understand the underlying concepts of internet/attraction marketing.  They have been building blogs, doing article and video marketing, and holding teleconferences but aren’t getting traffic.  What are the building blocks and the correct order of internet/attraction marketing?:

  • Value Proposition – You must give more in perceived value than you can ever receive in payment.  For every $1 you want to receive, you must give away $10 in value.   If you are successful, you will make as much money as you want.  You want to give away your best.  Online examples include free reports, boot camps, and digital downloads; many of which are freely available, without having to create your own content.
  • List Building Mastery – In order to get people on your list, you must provide solutions for people who are in real pain and suffering.  Offering the first three chapters of your book or first few minutes of your video/audio content.  Curiosity seekers will also get on your list, especially if you convey leadership or unique solutions in your online content.
  • Relationship Building – You then continue to offer valuable content to members of your list, including free seminars, training, etc.  This is often done via use of an autoresponder, which continues to provide outstanding value and insights over the next 30 to 60 or 90 days.
  • Monetization – Once the relationship is established, then bonuses, free upgrades, social proof, one time offers and guarantees are used to get people spending money with you as you continue to offer extreme value.

Larry Beacham is quickly becoming one of the leading Internet attraction marketers, having emerged on the scene, only recently with a significant turn-around story.  He is author of very innovative information on generating network marketing leads via such unlikely sources as LinkedIn and coaches people on various unique techniques.

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