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Attraction Marketing Pitfall – The Tendency to Abandon Network Marketing Proven Methods

In network marketing the use of the Internet introduces several pitfalls.  Attraction marketing generally brings the Internet into play, but raises questions of strategy for many people wanting to generate leads online.  A crucial mistake made by many is totally abandoning traditional recruiting and lead generation methods when starting to use an attraction marketing system.  Since these systems can take several months to learn and to begin generating leads, the tendency by some is to abandon ship too soon, often reverting to their old methods.

Also, some mistakenly think that they will be able to build a networking marketing business in some kind of automated way, without the network marketer’s best friend: the telephone.  In reality, an attraction marketing system will result in more leads that you need to personally connect with, e.g., call them on the phone.

MJ Durkin, of Sales Judo Academy, on a recent webinar provided suggestions of several things that you’ll still need to do as a network marketer, even or especially when using attraction marketing systems.  He also provided some exact scripts and wording to use with your prospects:

  • Make use of a list (handwritten) – You should carry your list with you at all times.  The reason for this is so that you’ll look at it continually during the day.  MJ’s suggested list contains 48 names.  “Where your focus goes, your power flows.”  Call a little bit all day long; anyone can make 10 calls by the end of each day.  If you get to the end of your day without booking any appointments, you haven’t used wise time management.  This could add up to 300 calls per month, and even if you’re not good at presentations, you’ll accidentally sign up someone.
  • Develop a prospecting consciousness – Use the 3 ft rule to meet people (remember to smile).  Ask for referrals from customers as well as people who say “no.”  Use the following script: “Who besides yourself could I get a sample or some information to about these products or services, with your compliments?”  As an author, MJ often offers a free copy of his book to people he meets, and asks for referrals using the same script.  He recently received a lead that was a distributor with 500,000 members in his downline.  Join Chamber of Commerce, BNI and Meetups.  Give information sessions such as seminars, talks, lectures and presentations.
  • Don’t waste leads generated online – All top affiliates and network marketers are heavy users of the telephone.  Get on the phone with your prospect as soon as you can.  The purpose of generating leads online is actually to get them on the phone as soon as possible early in the sales funnel process.  MJ recently contacted a network marketer who was prominent on LinkedIn, explained that he was an author with a list of 150,ooo, and asked him to call him back the next couple days.  He never heard back!  At least introduce yourself and make a connection no matter at what level of qualification they are at.  Here is a sample script MJ suggests: ”  Hi John, this is __, and I noticed that you had give us your email and your phone number so that you could get the complimentary Facebook training that we offered.  That was a smart move because the training’s awesome.  But of course I’m prejudiced because I designed it. (Humor) I just wanted to touch base with you, introduce myself to you and see if you had any questions that I could answer.  I appreciate you checking us out.”
  • Why, why, why – Find out why they put their information into the capture box, so you will be able to get them to the next step.  Most network marketers start pitching too soon.  Here is a sample script MJ suggests:  ” Thanks___ for checking out my blog and putting your phone number into the more information box.  When someone is interested enough to put their phone number in and they pick up the phone when I call I have to guess that there was something that caught your interest.  What did you see, hear or read on my blog (facebook, sales site, etc.) that made you want to put your number in and receive a call?”
  • Get information, not give it –  In an introductory call, MJ tells very little about what he does, how he does it, etc.  Stop vomiting on your prospect about your opportunity.  Find out why they are checking you out and actually listen to them.  Start presenting to them based on their answers.  Don’t go into a presentation without knowing their particular interest.
  • Closing – People want a leader; they want someone to recommend something to them.  Your prospects don’t know what they want. You need to help them go to the next step in your system.  MJ recommends  the following: “I would recommend that you do this…”  or “I recommend this next step highly.  Do this next step and then call me back and I’ll give you some coaching.”

Network marketing doesn’t change just because attraction marketing systems are making lead generation easier.  Many new to attraction marketing mistakenly think they can start some kind of impersonal business, e.g., like used by internet affiliate marketers.

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