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Common Mistakes in Attraction Marketing – A Peek Inside the Mind of MLSP’s Top Recruiter

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David Wood has generated over 31,000 leads in My Lead System Pro, one of the top attraction marketing platforms in today’s network marketing niche.  His blog’s Alexa score is 16,000, which is a higher rank than almost anything in the network marketing niche.  Prior to starting in MLSP, he was homeless, living in a van on Oahu.

What did he do to generate so many leads?  His basic formula was finding a traffic generation method, being very consistent with it, and leveraging all the training that MLSP has to offer.  He teaches his team to pick a single strategy and “cling to it like a dog clings to a bone.”  All of David’s methodology is also recorded in the MLSP back office, for anyone who finds it to be useful and appropriate for their own style.  His belief is that most people simply quit too early and in fact, it is almost impossible not to make money.

Pick one strategy and cling to it like a dog clings to a bone.

David’s favorite strategy is blogging, and it is surprising that he has only posted 208 times on his blog.  Blogging integrates well with the MLSP attraction marketing capture and sales pages.  Also, a blog enables people to get to know you, which is essential to the buying process.

It is always better to capture a lead than make a sale on your blog.

One common mistake that David sees on a lot of blogs is overuse of banner ads.  He believes that it is always better to capture a lead than make an immediate sale on your blog.  What are some other tips and ideas that David uses or has seen and/or mistakes being made?

  1. Almost all people doing well today are blogging.  MLSP has lots of training in the back office that can be leveraged.  Why aren’t more people taking advantage?
  2. People who are struggling have too many banner ads.  David suggests having no direct purchase links at all; rather all links should lead to capture pages.
  3. Many people in the network marketing niche are making long sales letters, which don’t work any more.  Even MLSP’s format includes a long sales letter, which forces people to connect and sell on the phone.  David’s success came initially by instead making long, hour-long sales videos, which convert much better than short 5 minute ones.
  4. Most people include the fact/offer that they will support their team in their sales videos and copy.  David states right up front that he never will do technical support for his team, and advises all his recruits to do the same thing.

What a lot of people do when building a business is either model people with no results or try strategies out of their comfort zones.  A better plan is to “copy” people who are having massive success.  David Wood certainly numbers among those worth emulating and following for the best shot at, if not guaranteed, success.

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(2) Comments

    • Chandy 1:01 am

      David Wood rocks!!!! he is really one of the top trainers and leaders in this industry. From what I see here you really didnt waste any time with getting this post done about our webinar topic…awesome stuff… you’re sharing great value and insight here. keep rockin on my friedn

      To your success

    • Jim 6:51 am

      I like to take notes during the weekly sessions, which helps my mind to best engage and retain what is being shared. Then publishing it just seems like a natural idea both to help others as well as be the first to report on what I consider very newsworthy major events! I believe that David Wood is making history right in front of our eyes here.

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