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How to Create Full Time Income in Your First 30 to 60 Days in Network Marketing

Is it possible for anyone to earn a full time income in your network marketing business, within 60 days?  A full-time income can be defined as $30,000 to 50,000 per year, based on the current averages in North America.  Although this type of rapid success isn’t typical, there are many instances where it has been easily accomplished.

The people who understand why something is working always do better than those who don’t understand it.

Finding the “gold vein” in network marketing will define the point when a network marketer’s business starts to grow.  What generally happens at this point is that a network marketing business that is doing what it is supposed to will experience rapid growth.  Massive success comes quickly and usually suddenly.  The people who understand why their network marketing business is working always do better than those who doing know why.  Always be asking yourself why people who have great success do what they do.  Your main goal should be to personally earn what you need from your own efforts, e.g., if you earn a $100 bonus per recruit, then you need to personally recruit 25 per month in order to earn about $36,000 per year.  It isn’t rocket science, wouldn’t you agree?

Focus on enough production today to sustain your lifestyle.

With a good opportunity, you should be able to enroll about 1 out of 30 people with whom you connect.  Attraction marketing guru David Wood had 20 people looking at his business every day when he first started. Working 6 days a week, this would result in 480 exposures and, on average, earnings of 16x$100, or $1600.  Not quite enough, but you get the idea, and please realize that David became the Internet’s leading attraction marketing guru in the MLM niche using even this  level of effort. Similarly, you need to focus each day on what you need to do to make the income you need and want.  Focus on enough production today to sustain your lifestyle.  Do what you have to do.  If your personal sphere of influence isn’t big enough to sustain 20 or 30 daily connections, start working on generating leads, e.g., via using one of many possible attraction marketing strategies, meeting new people in your daily walk, or whatever it takes.

In network marketing, 99% of your own efforts dictate your earnings in the beginning.  Later on, you’ll have created the leverage by your initial efforts that will sustain your business.  Be inspired in order to accomplish the level of production needed to sustain your “needs.”  This won’t come naturally for most people in North America, since our culture has created a great amount of wealth.  Dig deep and find what will motivate you to make the efforts needed each day.

Can you create a full time income in 90 days?  The answer lies within, but if you know of a better alternative that can eventually lead to an unlimited residual income, go for it!  For assistance with both online and offline strategies, we suggest a trial membership in My Lead System Pro, the Internet’s leading attraction marketing system.  You may listen to a weekly training session, or contact me for further information.

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