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David Wood’s MLM Bootcamp Review – Session 1 – What is MLM, Really?

This article is a review of Day 1 of David Wood’s new bootcamp, Secrets of Building a Massive Online MLM Empire.David first lays out some concepts that most people don’t realize about the industry. According to David, fundamentally MLM is a business about getting new people started in a way that works for someone who has NEVER been involved before, where they can have success in their first 5-7 days.  This is because 90% of your team team at any time will be new to the industry.

David’s credentials include a current position as the leading recruiter in the largest attraction marketing system on the Internet, and the top recruiter in his current MLM after only 4 months.  He has recruited over 200 to his MLM and over 1100 to his attraction marketing system,  My Lead System Pro.

What is different about network marketing?  Network marketing isn’t traditional business and neither is it direct sales.  It also isn’t online marketing.  Further, network marketing is NOT affiliate marketing, and if your team believes it is you will stunt their growth. One big difference is that affiliate marketers all have big staffs and work 12 hours per day vs. leading network marketers who may have a team of 20,000 and don’t really have to work if they don’t want to.  Network marketing also isn’t sales (all the big sales gurus have failed at network marketing).

David shares how he failed miserably in his first 3 attempts at network marketing.  But in his third company, he witnessed his mentor build a team of 20,000, while he was failing at the same time.  Another network marketing leader with a huge team of 50,000, recently confided that to maintain his momentum requires continuous recruiting due to the high number of people who sign up and drop out within 90 days.  He has to bring in 50,000 people every 6 months, which fundamentally shows why network marketing is different than any other business model.

This may explain why those that are to have success in network marketing must be prepared to recruit massive teams, comprised of many people who do only a little.  In addition, the true leaders must be identified and nurtured during this process.  These are things not initially taught to new distributors, possibly for good reason.  Session 2 will cover how to sponsor distributors this week even if you’ve never sponsored anyone or are new the MLM.  Visit our attraction marketing system for additional training, ideas and turn-key automated lead generation system.

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