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David Wood’s Network Marketing Story

One of the hottest upstarts in the network marketing industry, who is also one of the “new breed” of internet marketers is David Wood.  He’s quickly become the leading distributor in his network marketing company in only a few months.

When David started in network marketing career, he lived in Phoenix and was making $8 per hour. He had no furniture in his apartment and slept on the floor for 6 months. Eventually he got a sales job, going door-to-door selling alarm systems  in 120 degree weather from 8am to 8pm, literally making no money.

One day his brother Will called him and told him to be at his house at 8pm and “we’re both going to be rich.”  He found a small group sharing stories of having great success in network marketing.  This was when he joined Amway in 2002, and began promoting the Quixstar concept of building a business online, while at the same time having people pick up products from him at his house.  He worked it 3.5 years trying everything including door-to-door sales, mainly faulting the company for his failure (he now know this to be untrue).

In 2005 he joined Pre Paid Legal, which he found to be a little too constraining, once again blaming the company for his failure.  He soon joined Agel and finally began having some MLM success mainly due to the leadership he was with, and was soon earning $5k per month.  Not realizing that “residual” income isn’t truly residual at this level, he and his wife lived for a year in a van in Hawaii, during which time his checks gradually disappeared.

In 2009, he joined iLearningGlobal and began marketing online using MyLeadSystemPro’s attraction marketing system.  Within three months he had a single week in which he earned more than any previous month.  He focused on free lead generation strategies, since he didn’t have sufficient funds to use paid strategies.  His strategy has been to apply proven strategies from traditional network marketing in the Internet environment.  Facts are that 95% of people in network marketing, working diligently for at least 10 years in a good company will have a six-figure income.

David is the first to admit that he wasn’t always smart about how he worked his networking business, although he worked hard at it consistently.  At present his dream and vision is doing something that hasn’t been done before; something different.  Helping others to transform their lives financially, while still being true to themselves.  David thinks the age of the “guru” is dead and now is the time to empower people to transform their lives.  Now is the time of the “new entrepreneur,” in which his team will be able to reach people like never before, leveraging the winning strategies of network marketing along with new attraction marketing systems.

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