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A Free Strategy to Grow Your Network Marketing Business – Another Concept Validation for David Wood’s Methodology

Jaime Soriano has recently been “on fire” in his primary network marketing company, adding 38 new representatives in the last week and 50 over the last two weeks. Jaime is in his early 30’s, having started in the network marketing industry in 1998. Up until the last 6 months, all of his recruiting efforts have been offline. He started with the My Lead System Pro Attraction Marketing community only 6 months ago.  When he started, he didn’t know anything about the Internet.  He currently generates an average of 17 leads per day for his company, using a 98 percent free marketing strategy.

When Jaime Soriano started marketing online, he had no previous experience on the Internet and limited computer skills.

The MLSP system offers a variety of marketing choices.  In particular, Jaime first decided to pick a single marketing strategy, that most other members were not involved with, in order to carve his own niche.  He chose to duplicate what his sponsor was doing, which was based on article marketing, e.g., David Wood’s strategy.  Remarkably, he has never had a conversation with David.  Can anyone say “next superstar?”

Can anyone say “next superstar?”

Jaime has been simply providing value to his followers, based on what he has learned over the last 11 years, via blogging and article marketing.  Jaime has posted an article every day, consistently.  Most people won’t do this, which has allowed him to “blow past” all the competition in his short 6 1/2 months online.  He currently has 234 articles on EzineArticles.com, and 400 videos on YouTube.  Jaime doesn’t force the Internet methodology on anyone and continues to teach successful offline strategies to those on his team who prefer a more traditional approach.

Jaime has simply followed instructions and taken massive action in order to achieve his remarkably quick success online.

He uses Npros.com and MLMRankings.com to find popular companies to write content on, in addition to recurrent spam in his inbox.  He uses David Wood’s strategy to a “T,” including the Automatic Article Submitter,  OnlyWire submissions, and posting to his blog and the MLSP article directory, using typically 400 to 500 words per article.  He also uses his YouTube channel to “advertise” new content on his blog.  Jaime has simply followed instructions and taken massive action in order to achieve his remarkably quick success online.

For further information on the MLSP marketing system and David Wood’s Article Marketing Strategy, visit our MLSP Landing pages, where you can opt-in for detailed step-by-step training on leveraging the Internet.

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