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Can the Internet Automate the Attraction Marketing Process for MLM?

Although it sounds new, attraction marketing is nothing new, really.  Leaders in network marketing and many other industries have been using the methodology for years, even before the Internet’s existence. So why is it that many people these days seem to want to use the Internet to replace the relationship building process in sponsoring for their network marketing business?

Several leaders in My Lead System Pro, who have the results to be listened to closely, shared their experiences and advice pertaining to the use of the Internet’s “seductive” technologies vs.  older, tried-and-true methods.  Some of these leaders, as with the MLSP founders, have “come around” in their thinking.  This is why some of the, still existing, sales copy in MLSP “preaches” that you won’t have to approach your friends and family.

Rob Fore, like many before him initially tried to build a sales funnel that would directly sponsor people into his network marketing business.  What he discovered was this didn’t work.  He believes that people that don’t want to contact their “warm market” lack a core belief in some area.  It might be in the industry, company, or most likely in themself.  What he discovered was that his focus needed to be on using the Internet for leverage and then establishing relationships with people as the most important part of his strategy.

Don’t wish for the task to be easier, wish for you to be better.  Jim Rohn

Ray Higdon believes that the network marketing industry has been exploited (he uses a more colorful term) by “gurus” taking advantage of people’s hopes and dreams, selling them expensive courses related to Internet from a more technical perspective, without leading to tangible success.  At the same time, however, he believes that network marketing is the last bastion of free enterprise.  He had $300 in the bank and was broke when he started out on his fifth attempt in MLM, but is today his company’s top recruiter.  He makes extensive use of social media. But, if a new recruit tells him he doesn’t want to talk to people; but rather to just market online, he tells them to go sign up with someone else.   According to Ray, everyone hates prospecting, but leaders just buckle in and do it anyway.

Everyone hates prospecting, but leaders do it anyway.

What if someone on your team comes to you saying they’ve burned out their warm market?  Ray’s approach is to have them go through a “fun” exercise, to “get them out of the way first.”  Call them up and say “I just started a new enterprise and I know this isn’t for you, but I need to mark you off my list, so I can move on.”  Many will naturally ask what it is about, to which you can reply:  “I have this short video that you can watch about it; then just get back to me if you want additional information.”  Ray finds this actually results in sign-ups.

If not building an elaborate attraction marketing system, then for a new person who just signed up, what are the most important things that should be done immediately?  David Wood, the KING of attraction marketing, now starts every new person on very traditional methods.  Specifically,  if someone has been in 6 MLMs and failed every time, then home meetings will probably not work.  On the other hand, if it’s been awhile or a new person has never tried home meetings, then they will more likely work than not.  David suggests making a list of all the resources that you have available to you now vs. later.  What connections are the strongest in your life?  Leverage these first, and then work as hard as possible to expand beyond these, including building that attraction marketing system for maximum long term result.

Start with what you have vs. what you don’t have.

Answering a related question: “What would you do tonight to make money tomorrow?”  Rob Fore suggests getting with those you’re closest to and just tell them “from the heart” why you’re starting your enterprise and see if they wouldn’t want to join you.  What could be better than working on an awesome project with those closest to you?  Ray Higdon believes that speed ties in with those you’re closest to.  Make an agreement with yourself that you’re just an inviter in a time which more people than ever are “hurting.”  If you want something you’re never had, you have to be willing to do something you’ve never done.

David Wood had a change of opinion after 90 days online, when he realized that it wasn’t possible to solely depend on the Internet and automated sales funnels in building a big enterprise.  He began advising his team to entirely start with a “warm market” approach.  From a big picture perspective, how many people have sufficient background to immediately succeed in online attraction marketing?  In reality, most need to start with their “real world” resources first.

Have the MLSP founders and leaders changed course?  And can the Internet actually be used to automate attraction marketing (especially in the network marketing world)?  Although evidence suggests that it not only possible, but very viable, this isn’t a good strategy for brand new network marketers to completely rely on due to the complexity.  Long term, yes, but early on the tried and true methods reign, just like the “old-time” pros told us they would!

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    • Dyan 6:53 pm

      Thanks Jim. This is really great stuff – love all the good info from the industry leaders!

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