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My Lead System Pro Review – What Are the System’s 4 Main Pitfalls?

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In this article we take a close inside look at My Lead System Pro (formerly MLM Lead System Pro).  MLSP is the leading attraction marketing system on the Internet, but is it something that you need absolutely for your business?  What are the most important features?  We answer these and other questions today.

First a little background.  Attraction marketing marketing systems have been used for generating leads even before the Internet’s advent and for a number of different types of ventures.  The core concept is offering something of value for free or at low up-front cost in order to begin to engage in “permission-based” marketing.  On the Internet, it’s generally some type of information product that you’d have to pay for elsewhere, e.g., an ebook, a training course (bootcamp), or trial membership.

My Lead System Pro was one of the first to introduce attraction marketing within the MLM/network marketing context.  It is a turn-key affiliate system that features dozens of affiliate revenue streams within one master membership, while at the same time educating its members in marketing and also providing the “engine” for building your own MLM lead generation system.  It provides excellent integration of all the needed system components featuring its own customizable capture/squeeze pages, a choice of its own internal autoresponder vs. two third-party systems, pre-written sales copy and follow-up emails, and your own branded domain/hosting platform.  It is an excellent system for getting started with internet marketing which includes step-by-step video tutorials throughout and several live training calls and events throughout the week.

The system, although, complete and an excellent choice for most people does introduce some pitfalls for network marketers.  We see 4 main areas:

  1. Although the system’s creators clearly teach the concept of branding You, Inc., there is a tendency for members to “sell” MLSP vs. truly spend time recruiting for their respective MLM company.
  2. Although setting up the system is simple and well documented, it does take technical abilities that may  be beyond the aptitude of some.  Also, learning marketing skills may be a significant learning curve for many, so that producing leads could take months even for those who are the most diligent in actually using the system.
  3. Although the system is proven to be very effective, its popularity overall has created a certain level of over-exposure online, which will likely become worse as the system’s use inevitably expands.  We suggest the use of individualized capture pages to lessen the effects of this particular challenge.
  4. Although providing the ability to recruit outside of those currently in MLM, the system would require heavy customization to meet this niche need, since it intentionally targets those currently unsuccessful in network marketing.  This strategy could be leaving many potential prospects only reachable by other means, including those not in MLM but previously unsuccessful and those never exposed to MLM.

MLSP offers the network marketer an excellent platform to use for Internet recruiting of network marketers who are currently unsuccessful in building a business.  The system’s 4 main pitfalls are areas to be aware of when using the system.  We highly recommend MLSP for those who are interested in a state of the art recruiting platform but urge some caution in its use so that the main focus remains building a strong residual income in the network marketing system of your choice.

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