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MLSP Las Vegas Recap Session – David Wood and Ray Higdon Review

In this article, we summarize a recent live stream event which was a wrap-up of My Lead System Pro‘s first annual event in Las Vegas.  David Wood moderated a panel discusion of several attendees at the event.

About 500 people attended the event.  Most attendees expressed that events like this bring some “reality” into the business where many contacts are made initially online.  Whether marketing online or offline, network marketing is a relationship business, based on belief.  Believing in what you do is the critical factor that will take your business to the next level.

Several attendees related the one single thing that will move them forward:

  • To think bigger about the possibilities available in network marketing.
  • The new key to success is merging on-line marketing with off-line methods and marketing efforts.
  • Depending on personality type, some people are good at paid ads, e.g. analytical types, whereas other social types might be better at Facebook marketing.  Those who are creative should consider blogging.
  • MLSP leaders exhibit a high level of integrity and focus on personal development.

At one of the MLSP sessions, Mike Dillard, the father of attraction marketing, commented on warm market prospecting based on a question from Mia Davies.  He stated that if you have belief you can approach friends and family.  But more importantly, he stated that he is working on off-line methods and techniques to meet the needs of the baby boom generation, who don’t want to learn pay-per-click or have to establish an Internet funnel system.

Every 15 seconds a baby boomer will be going into retirement for the next 14 years.  None of them have enough money to retire, which means they’ll need an alternative.  In addition, many of their pensions have disappeared after 9-11 and the latest economic collapse.  For many of these people, Internet marketing skills are out of reach.  Every person by age 20 knows 2000 people, but even at this event of Internet marketers, only 3/100 admitted having a list of 2000 names.

David shared how he invited his personal network marketing team to a session in his hotel room, expecting 20 people to attend.  He and Jake Kevorkian, a co-owner of the company, were surprised when 150 people showed up.  He had no idea that he had that large a representation in the overall meeting (almost a third of attendees).  This attests to the absolute power of Internet marketing, when combined with effective relationship skills, which David has developed over almost 10 years in the industry.  His overall strategy is to learn, do, and teach simultaneously.

Ray Higdon, the #1 earner in David’s main company shared his thoughts.  The fact that he was even at the event is significant.  Ray shared that you are the product of the people you surround yourself with, so you should surround yourself with high caliber people.  If you operate as a “lone wolf,” it’s like mowing your grass with a pair of scissors.  Ray’s success story is based on simply making a decision to turn around his situation (he was broke) and surround himself with the types of people that could move him forward.

Events like this are a key to the generating the next Ray Higdon or David Wood story.   If you have the level of belief in yourself and could see an answer for yourself in network marketing, you should put MLSP’s next event on your schedule and find a way to attend.

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