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MLSP Success Story – 3 Methods of Changing Your Beliefs

In a recent webinar, the founders of My Lead System Pro (MLSP) provided an overview of their personal success story in the context of ways to change your underlying belief systems. Brian Fanale shared the importance of importance of events in changing the overall direction of his network marketing efforts.  Norbert Orlewicz also shared his thoughts about what it takes to achieve success, also emphasizing the importance of events in making a big breakthrough.

One of the biggest problems today is the plethora of information that people must deal with in order to break through.  All of the knowledge available within MLSP is important, e.g., strategies for Facebook, Twitter, etc., but the most import element is “belief.”  This is also true, in general, in life.  Your beliefs actually shape the world.   If you pay attention to your life and daily habits, as well as the thoughts you think consistently and how you talk with people, you’ll begin to uncover your true beliefs.  Your actions are a reflection of your deepest held beliefs.

If you’re not happy with your life, business, bank account, etc. and want to change your life, how can you make changes to your reality?  At a core level, you need to change your beliefs.   If this is true, then how can you change your beliefs?  There are three ways:

  1. A crisis – This is what often happens to people who have a heart attack or are facing bankruptcy.  They are willing to make radical changes in order to achieve results needed, often in a big hurry, in their life.  Fortunately, you don’t have to face a crisis in order to make changes.
  2. Simple logic – An example of this is when you see someone else who is successful and your level of belief is raised about the possibilities for you.  When the 4 minute mile barrier was first challenged in the 1950’s, it had been about 100 years since records had been kept.  But as soon as one person broke the barrier, several other people were also able to accomplish it within weeks.  Similarly, when you meet people at events who have achieved the success you’re looking for, it suddenly becomes possible for you to break through your limiting beliefs, having seen their success in person.
  3. Miracles – An experience that goes straight to your “heart,” completely by-passing logic can quickly mold your behavior.  Personal mastery seminars leverage the “miracle” of experience to make large changes in your life in a short period of time.  This is accomplished by inserting participants into “mock” situations that, on the surface, look impossible, in which they are able to succeed beyond their expectations.  Core beliefs can change “in a moment,” due to both bypassing the logical mind and quickly changing intrenched paradigms.

My Lead System Pro is a system for network marketers and internet marketers who want to implement attraction marketing.  But it is, in reality, much more, providing some of the best leadership coaching available anywhere, at any price.  And best of all, it is based on the results already achieved by some of the most successful leaders in the industry, who are willing to freely share their personal path to success.   A weekly invitation to MLSP’s attraction marketing training is available on request.

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