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Network Marketing Strategy – Can I Build it Online?

The network marketing industry is now 75 years “young,” having begun long before the existence of the Internet.  Although the importance of the Internet is obvious, it is not entirely obvious that a successful network marketing business can be build entirely online.  In truth, it can, as long as the time-honored principles that have proven successful are not left behind.

One of the best proofs of this thesis is the meteoric success of many up and coming network marketers in the last year and before.  What they have been able to accomplish has rarely been done with the speed of execution in the industry, if ever.  Who are these superstars?  Do the names David Wood, Cedrick Harris, Brian Fanale, and Mike Dillard ring any bells for you?

What are the concepts that these new Internet “rockstars” have used to effectively change the network marketing landscape?  This new breed of marketers have taken the knowledge gained in prior network marketing efforts and adapted it to the Internet.  It’s not about the impersonal nature of online communications; rather it’s all about relationships.

So how are relationships built in the new era of Internet communications?  The answer lies in the discipline of Attraction Marketing, popularized by internet marketing guru Dan Kennedy and others.  Attraction Marketing, also know as “jump through hoops marketing,” builds customer relationships via free offers (usually information products) to people already seeking what a business has to offer.

What are some other key components?  One of the main aspects of the relationship building process is the use of video marketing.  YouTube has recently grown to be the #2 search engine on the Internet, due the popularity of videos.  Incorporating personalized videos into the sales funnel increases familiarity of a prospect with you before you have even met.  Even bad videos are so far tolerated, since people understand that you are making a valid attempt to communicate with them.

How is this “new breed” of network marketers faring in their network marketing efforts?  Basically, their growth is explosive, often recruiting several prospects into their business on a daily basis.  Although it may not be for everyone, the Internet offers a powerful method and platform to rapidly build a business for those willing to put forth the effort. Our own attraction marketing system is based on the concept defined by Mike Dillard, implemented by Brian Fanale, and exploited by network marketers David Wood and Cedrick Harris.

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