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Nicole Cooper Review – The Mailbox Money Queen

In 2006 when the real estate market collapsed in Florida, Nicole lost everything.  She was in depression and couldn’t find any job thus was forced to apply for welfare.  All the time, she knew there was a way out and didn’t want to remain on government assistance.

She found a lot of lead capture pages about making money at home.  One person stood out in her quest, however, and she began following her.  It was Tracey Walker.  Nichole read an ebook that Tracey had written.

Nicole points out what is needed in order to get the attention of a mentor.  She joined everything that Tracey was in and consistently followed her blog and did everything that she was told her to do.  And one day Tracey called her at said she needed to follow her in Mlm Lead System Pro.  By the 4th or 5th month, staying up all night (she had a newborn), she began to implement everything she learned.  She started 5-figure checks at this point in the business she had chosen.

She then hired Cedrick Harris as her coach at which point she established her Internet brand as “Mailbox Money Queen,” under Cedrick’s guidance, and the rest is history (or coming attractions).  What are Nicole’s two favorite marketing techniques?:

  • Videos – Everyone needs video in their arsenal.
  • Facebook – The second most visited site in the world with over 500,000 users.

Nicole’s advice to those just getting started is first to figure out what your element of uniqueness that you can bring online.  What are your characteristics that are in your personal comfort zone?  Be ok with being yourself and don’t hesitate to experiment.  She encourages her followers to “sell” their services to others when first getting going.  Are you good at writing and copy, building websites, setting up blogs?  These are excellent ways to leverage your existing talents and skills for many individuals and businesses who don’t have even these basic skills.

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