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Prospecting – Attraction Marketing in Everyday Life Situations

In this article we suggest some guidelines in using the principles of attraction marketing in generating leads outside of the Internet, although the same principles do apply online as well.  In reality, a two pronged approach is recommended.  In other words, as you collect business cards and prospect contact information on a day to day basis, these contacts may be added to your online attraction marketing system.

OK, how do you begin.  First, according to Tim Sales’ principles of effective communication, one of the most important things is to be interested in your prospect vs. “interesting.”  In other words, you should be prepared to question them in detail about what they do and only briefly answer about your business.

Second, when you DO answer your prospect briefly about what you do, do so in terms of the benefits you offer in your own business.  For instance, you might say:  “I’m an Internet marketer and work from home to have more time with my family,” or “I market a product for people who struggle with gradual and progressive weight gain and obesity despite trying all the fad diets, like me.”  Hopefully the specific benefits from your products and/or services are ways you have personally benefited from your own company products and services.

Third, if you “new friend” should mention a need directly related to what your business can offer, don’t take the bait.  In other words, you should remain primarily “interested” in the prospect despite thinking there might be some “low hanging fruit” to pluck.  Of course you want to make a note of the specific needs expressed for later discussion.  At this stage, it’s more about making a friend than a sale.  You should consider it a success if your prospect doesn’t know what you do at all.

Finally, you should send your new “friend” a thank you card on specially designed including your own contact information and “benefits statement.”  Except for this final step, the same basic methodology can be used with people you meet online.  More on this in future installments of our series on Attraction Marketing.

If looking for top notch training and a systematic approach to attraction marketing, please visit out My Lead System Pro introduction page.  In MLSP, many of the Internet’s top marketers have come together with a strategy and system for using Attraction Marketing on the Internet as well as in everyday life situations.

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