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Prospecting Methods – 3 Reasons to Use Attraction Marketing

In this article we discuss possible motivations for using an attraction marketing system and strategy in your business.  There are 3 basic reasons why an attraction marketing system is beneficial.  The bottom line is that, rather than continually seeking out new business through tired marketing strategies alone attraction marketing induces prospects to come to you, ready to buy.  In addition, your prospecting efforts can be done using many free systems and methods on the Internet.

So, first, you want to attract people to you vs. continually seeking out new prospects. Isn’t this how all the major corporations operate?
Second, using attraction marketing, your prospects will be seeking you. Using this strategy, you’ve strategically placed content online or using traditional methods. Just like when most people used the yellow page ads, they’ve let their “fingers do the walking” right to the products and or services that you offer. When they contact you, they’re already in a buying frame of mine.
Finally, the third main reason you “need ” to be using attraction marketing is that modern systems and online frequency of use has completely changed the rules. Now, for the first time, many of the advertising venues are completely free. Of course, you must design or use a system that will take advantage of this fact. Since 75% of searches for specific products and services are now coming from online systems and most notable the search engines, you’ll be miles ahead of your competition when using an online strategy
So there you have it. We’ll be covering some of the specifics over the remaining days of our series on attraction marketing. Stay tuned and to get further information, please visit MyLeadSystemPro to take the Internet’s leading attraction marketing system for a test drive.

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