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Social Media Automation – A Non-Technical Formula to Generate Free MLM Leads using Twitter

On a recent MLSP weekly webinar, Ray Higdon shared his secrets in recruiting for his MLM business using Twitter.  Ray was a real estate investor prior to starting in network marketing.  Ray Higdon was a party animal in high school.He was broke and miserable, due to the downturn in real estate in Florida.  Ray is now the top earner in his primary company and can be called a social media expert due to the fact that his blog is ranked in the top 38,000 worldwide for traffic.  Ray, who describes himself as a high school party animal in his high school days, has been involved in the network marketing industry for 4 years.  He believes that if a former party animal can be successful in network marketing, then anyone can do it and “it is never too late to live out who you could have been.”  You just need to be hungry enough to really want it.

“It is never too late to live out who you could have been.”

Why Twitter?  Twitter is currently the 10th most visited website in the world.  When viewed as another fishing pole in the water, why wouldn’t you have it set up?  Learning how to manage it is guaranteed to produce leads and generate income in your life.  Ray’s advice is to simply do what others are not doing, e.g., most are marketing products vs. sharing useful information.  Ray’s Twitter page stands above the crowd, since he does the later, primarily.

Ray’s advice is NOT to automate your tweets, although you can automate your direct message, etc.  Ray highly recommends using SocialOomph, which can be used to automate following those who follow you, direct messages of new followers, notification of mentions/messages, and to manage unlimited accounts.  90% of marketers are using a sales page in their automation, which will causes many to unfollow them and never talk to them again.  Ray recommends, rather than sending your favorite link, send an automated Facebook invite, since Facebook is the #1 place to do marketing online at the moment:

You’re Cool :p – Connect with me on Facebook – http://www.Facebook.com/ray.higdon1 – Love Connecting with cool peeps!

Ray’s Twitter page stands above the crowd, since he primarily shares helpful information.

Ray’s daily plan of attack is based on the fact that discipline trumps talent.  Ray sees talented people all the time who are lazy.  He believes that with a disciplined approach, his strategy absolutely will work in the long-haul to generate very large checks.   Ray does the same routine each day, beginning around 4:30 am, regardless of how he feels, the weather, etc.  His daily plan of attack is as follows:

Discipline trumps talent.   Ray sees talented people all the time, who are lazy.

  • Read, comment and retweet 10 MLM or marketing blogs per day in your niche.  A tip Ray uses is to be the first comment, which generally gets the most notice.
  • Search out and follow 20 MLM leaders on Twitter per day.  Twellow.com and search.twitter.com can be used to find these people.  Ray recently found and enrolled a million dollar earner in his company using this method.
  • Get 2-5 people to tell you NO to your opportunity per day.  Afterwards you can pitch them MLSP.  Ray believes that if you don’t have a funded proposal, you are missing out on a lot of cash.   If you own a muffler shop and someone comes in needing tires, you can just send them down the road vs. being an affiliate with Johnny’s Tires down the road.  He normally leads with his MLM opportunity, unless the prospect is highly radioactive about their own company at the outset.
  • Create one piece of content per day (blog, article, video, etc.).  Does this mean Saturday and Sunday?  How hungry are you.

Ray Higdon’s MLSP webinar gave not only some great insights and secrets in a unique social media automation method, but some of the best advice for any marketer, whether using online methods or not.  Ray’s strength admitedly comes from his incredible discipline and drive.  To learn more about My Lead System Pro, visit our landing page to review the opportunity and opt-in for our free attraction marketing training series.

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