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How I Recruited 10 People in the Last Week – Batman’s Secret Methods

David Wood recently held an online session, dressed as Batman,  to “explode the myth” that it isn’t possible to recruit anyone during the holiday season.  A team member mentioned this “objection” and over the last week he set out to prove them wrong.  As a result he recruited 10 people, which is the normal amount that he recruits despite the “season.”  How can anyone do this and have the same result?David Wood's training of recruiting 1 person per week in MLM business

The first step is to realize that recruiting is easy.  If it’s easy, then why do people run into the same objections from everyone they prospect?  In particular, David never seems to run into the “typical” objections as his team members.  The main issue can usually be traced directly to the team member having the objection and “projecting” it on their prospects.  In reality, only 17% of people are truly skeptics about anything.

Second, for most people, the next step is to become a leader, stop making excuses and commit to simply recruiting consistently:

  • Part time – Recruit a minimum of one person per week, no matter what it takes and get them started well.  This should not take more than 8 to 10 hours per week.  David’s method is to use his “Game Changer”audio tool, distributing at least 15 weekly, from which it’s almost impossible NOT to recruit 1 person.  The goal of this is to have a “profitable” business model, which allows you to pay for products, attend events, cover your expenses, and still be profitable.
  • Full time – Once full-time, you need to recruit 3 to 5 people per week with no excuses.  This will take 30 to 50 hours of effort.  The reason you need to do this is in order to have an answer to the inevitable question: “How much money are you making?”  The bottom line is to talk to 45 people to recruit 3 or 75 to recruit 5.  This boils down to talking to 15 people daily as a full time network marketer.

When David started his latest Internet/network marketing effort, he focused on four activities:  marketing, talking to people, getting people started, and making presentations.  He was spending 10 to 15 hours each day in these activities with the full realization that his efforts would produce the success that he needed to initially establish his own credibility in the marketplace.

When just starting, or as with most who are not yet successful, a support organization is needed.  Why is this?  The reason is that credibility only comes after having demonstrated and proved your own success.  No one has this when first starting out.  The mastermind team that David has setup and additional support from Ray Higdon provide the credibility, support and training that his team members need with new prospects.

David believes that no shortcuts exist in building a network marketing business.  The hard work and time must be invested, backed by a solid belief in the network marketing industry, your company and products and your own talents.  For additional information on David Wood’s incredible Internet recruiting system, visit our MLM Lead System Pro overview to request access to David Wood’s Internet methodology.

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