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A Simple Online Attraction Marketing Blueprint – MLSP’s Revised Success Strategy

Norbert Orlewicz and Brian Fanale recently put forth a simple strategy for members of their My Lead System Pro (MLSP) membership system.  Many of the attendees thought this to be a reversal of  MLSP’s previous teaching for at least two reasons.  First, Norbert and Brian highly stressed the fact that  although simple, a realistic plan for attraction marketing will take 6 to 12 months, perhaps to dispel any notion that their system would produce immediate or very short term success.   And second, they stressed that network marketers can’t really afford to “bypass” their friends and family.  Does this constitute a complete reversal of direction for MLSP?

Believing and knowing that you hold true value to other people gives you the confidence and abundance mentality you need in order to be an “alpha networker,” (or leader).  Mike Dillard

Norbert and Brian also made it clear that at some point in their “growth cycle,” the most successful marketers would develop their own custom systems vs. relying entirely on MLSP’s replicated system autoresponder follow-up campaigns,  squeeze pages and sales pages.  Not every marketer will follow the same path, but each will progress and make use of the Internet to varying degree according to their own capabilities, interests, and strategies.

MLSP continues to rely on the wisdom and example of Mike Dillard, who was one of the first to bring the disciplines of attraction marketing and network marketing together.  This despite the fact that they seem to have put some distance between themselves and Mike’s “traditional MLM is broke” approach.  Here are Norbert’s suggested  simple steps and blueprint for becoming successful in attraction marketing:

  1. Be a student of direct response marketing and attraction marketing.  Become more valuable in the process, as you’ll develop the ability to help others in their marketing plans and efforts.  This is the basis of Mike Dillard’s “funded proposal” concept.
  2. Provide solutions.  Begin using replicated websites that lead with value, training and feature solutions to your prospects’ problems.  Norbert suggests taking  a page from the playbook of the “father of attraction marketing,” Mike Dillard.  Mike’s genius was providing a simple solution for the problems being experienced by his prospects involving an upfront offer, an autoresponder, and funded proposal affiliate system.  Note that network marketing gurus have always sold their own “products,” which in some cases have become their primary income stream.
  3. Personalize.  At some point, you’ll be ready to customize your MLSP system.  Norbert suggests first customizing the email autoresponders by adding your own “voice.”  Later, you can add your own videos and customizations to your landing, sales, and welcome pages.
  4. Become a trainer.  Begin to teach and train others.  Create training videos, host webinars, and train your team.
  5. Leadership.  Create your own opt-in offers, capture pages, and individualized sales funnels.  You may consider your own products, e.g., an ebook, video training course, boot camp, etc.  But don’t fake this step, e.g., this is not the time to “fake it until you make it.”

    Why the Internet kills networkers
    The Internet Kills Networkers

The goal of the MLSP membership system is to develop master marketers and leaders in the network marketing community.  Their most notable success stories (beyond their own) include David Wood, Ray Higdon and others who are proof that Norbert and company have already succeeded in this aim.

Although some would perceive their strategy adjustments to mark a major shift, we believe that it is only a course correction.  The MLSP leadership merely underscores their position through a willingness to course correct when needed.  They will continue to lead the way for many to have extremely successful outcomes using the Internet and their own attraction marketing systems.

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