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The Bold Approach (TBA) Two – Should I Join It?

I was approached recently about this new MLM and thought I’d check it out to see what is behind it.  So after a little investigative work and reading what I could about it and here is what I found.

Bottom line is this is a $25 monthly program with 5-level matrix structure and no limit on the front-line.  It pays $5 on each of your five levels per monthly subscription.  The product is ebooks.  You get “Success Systems for Life” and “Debt to Wealth” by Fred Fitts, as well as reportedly thousands of other ebooks to download.

Both of Fred Fitts’ books are available on Amazon.  The first was published Sept 26, 2009 and touted as a combination of the philosophies of “Think and Grow Rich,” “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” and “The Secret.”  If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably read all four.  Amazon’s Kindle price for his work is $2.39.

Mr Fitts’ second book was published on Sept 27, 2009 and reportedly provides a means of improving your credit score, as well as becoming wealthy.  A paperback edition is available on Amazon for $7.50 or $2.36 as a Kindle download.

Neither book has a review at this point.  According to its Product Description, “Success Systems for Life” – “is proven, self-selling life enhancement course, …giving you the proven steps to overcoming those habits and attitudes that may have held you back…until now!”  It includes 12 simple ways to achieve your goals through a year’s worth of training and reinforcement including lessons on:

  • Attitude – Daily Guide
  • Efficiency – How’s Yours?
  • Managing Your Boss
  • First Impressions
  • Time Management
  • Getting Along With People

Should I join it, TBA Two?  Personally, a program that will cost me $25/month and merely deliver ebooks to my computer or Kindle doesn’t particularly excite me.  The recent failure of a similar program, iLearningGlobal that included many well know authors suggests that this may not be exactly the “hottest” product on the planet.  TBA Two has no renown authors in its stable.  But if it “floats your boat,” and $25 is an appealing price point, why not try a couple of months?  Of course, if others are thinking along the same lines, could it be that retention may be an issue in something like this as it reportedly was in iLearningGlobal.

If you’re reading this and would like to post constructive comments, please feel free.  Especially if you have a great story to tell about your changed life from Mr Fitts’ ebooks.  Put your reviews on Amazon too, so the world will know his material has helped you in revolutionary ways.

For information on marketing and advertising for affiliate programs or MLMs like The Bold Approach many find it initially convenient to use a turn-key Lead Generation System.

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(8) Comments

    • Kiplon Taylor 1:27 am

      Jim, poppy cock and you are not being truthful about this company. What you are doing is being deceptive and very clever, and if the only way you can garner traffic to your business is by mis-representing this company, it speaks volumes about who you are.

      I have been involved with this company for four months now and comfortably find myself in the leadership position. We are real attraction marketing, there is no cold calling, yet we are setting people up every day to be financially secure.

      As far as your comment about the e-book, it works. You on the otherhand should be ashamed of yourself. I have never seen or heard of you on any of our numerous training calls, book club discussion, or our online office where business is conducted and family enjoy each others prescence.

      As for the time limit for a person to come aboard, is not a fair respresentation of the facts. No two people work at the same pace and you can not determine your success by anyone elses success, thereby is why I say you are wrong.

      You didn’t fail to promote what you are doing which is attraction marketing with MSLP. I tried your program and was not impressed. It took quite a bit more than $25.00 dollars and I gained nothing of my initial investment of $29.00 dollars which rapidly became $49.00. I then had to pay additional money for my domain name, someone to host my website, buy several e-books one that sold for $49.00 + other material that cost a total of $79.00. We have just gone over the $200 mark and I’m still not making any return on my investment, WOW. So you say what we are doing is a waste of time. Go back and check your tally sheet, $25 vs +$200. Oh did I say that the $49.00 dollars is a monthly occurance, that in and of itself is $600 for the year and I still have nothing to show for my investment and I’m approaching $1000.00. You have got to be kidding me!!!! I am a leader for my team and I only invested $25.00 once, just once.

      I think the scales of balance of making a wise investment are beginning to tip in my favor.

      For those of you are tired of having your chain yanked, visit the following website and experience what I am speaking of; http//www.teamfamonline.com it will give you a totally different perspective.

      Thank in Advance

    • Jim 7:06 am

      Thanks for your input. I can see there is considerable emotion about this and I’m open to finding the truth about any program that is working as advertised so I really appreciate your input. I am glad to hear it is working for you, really! Wouldn’t you agree this is now better than just hearing claims about hypothetical earnings potential? That is what I was after and I “smoked” you out and hope others will comment as well.

      Of course I’m generating traffic with a little controversy and I’m sorry MLSP hasn’t worked for you. How many FREE training calls have you been on with MLSP? For me, the value being shared is immense, even if you DO spend $49 or even $200 or $300 on one of the special training offers within MLSP. Maybe everything is already available online as some claim and that is probably true, but how many hours would you spend putting together that information (or system) on your own? Did you also know the initial $29 fee is refundable the first month if you’re not happy with it? No one said internet attraction marketing was cheap, but truthfully you’ve got to admit that if this is what your aim is, it’s much cheaper and quicker doing it this way. Certainly has been true for me. Aren’t you also comparing apples to oranges drawing the comparison between MLSP and Team Family?

      The bottom line is really what are you honestly trying to achieve. If you’re looking to do MLM, the funded proposal concept and system provided by MLSP is essential. Without it what are your options as far as generating leads for your MLM? How are you going to pay for the advertising that is ultimately needed? Believe me, I know what the alternatives are and it can be an order of magnitude more expensive. Isn’t this the real bottom line and truth about MLM, too? It’s way more expensive than your upline and company leadership is truthful enough to let you know. Attraction Marketing, whether using MLSP or not, can easily cover that expense and generate leads for that business you “love” to promote.

    • Rasheed 12:14 pm

      Good post.

      Kiplon, your comparison of MLSP to TBA is irrelevant. MLSP does not advertise to turn $25 to $19k residual income in 6 weeks. MLSP is not an income opportunity but a lead generation system.

      Every business needs leads. Not everyone needs books. I for one have a library full of books courtesy of my parents and their parents. I would rather have a physical book than an eBook. So already I’m not interested in TBA. Interesting concept but not for me. I especially think that the Facebook spammers are annoying.

      There’s no “generic” information with TBA. With MLSP you learn marketing strategies, advertising strategies, basic copywriting tips, etc. MLSP can probably generate leads for your TBA business.

      If you complain about the price of success, maybe it’s not for you. Why don’t we work together to achieve our goals instead of arguing?

      To your abundance,

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    • Chris 5:01 am

      I was introduced to a similar business called the 5% club or something like that. You have access to a whole bunch of stores and you’re supposed to get some kind of discount plus commissions from well known places like wal-mart, game stop and more.

      The startup is $299 and they collect that every month once you start making money plus the company takes 20% of your commissions for advertising, site maintenance, etc. Founder of the company is Fred Fitts, the author of the two books that you are all talking about here.

      In the video presentation, the speaker claims that Fred Fitts has been a business owner for 41 years and is a self made millionaire.

      Tried doing a google search on Fred Fitts and not much seems to come up. Granted there is more than one Fred Fitts, I’d guess that a business owner for 41 years and self made millionaire would definitely stand out from any other Fred Fitts’ out there.

      Oh and by the way there’s also a section where you can purchase ebooks as well but only two are for sale….guess which two. You guessed it…the two written by Fred Fitts. And they’re selling for $10!!! huh? On top of that, you can’t actually download the books immediately…you have to print out the page with your order on it and send it in the mail with your money to someone you might not even know and no further directions on how to get the download.

      Maybe after the person you send the money to sends you an email or something…I don’t know.

      Not the most professional way to deliver a product for sure. And the website is not very user friendly. Looks like one of those generic template style sites.

      Not attractive and not professional.

      I did like the 3 tier payout concept but man it sure looks shady to me.

      No offense to anyone personally of course.

    • Jim 9:52 am

      Sounds like you’ve really done your homework. Thanks for your input. You were introduced to this by a friend?

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